Virgo Compatibility And Best Matches For Love | Learn All

Virgos tend to be sensitive and introverted, but they hide their emotions behind a logical façade. You value routine and organization, so you’ll need a partner you can trust. You can find stability and reliability in several sun sign combinations that will complement your reserved nature.

Compatibility chart for Virgo

This chart shows the compatibility of Virgo with all other sun signs.

AriesThe PoorThe PoorFairThe Poor
GeminiThe PoorThe PoorFairThe Poor
CancerExcellentVery GoodExcellentExcellent
LeoFairThe PoorGoodFair
LibraFairThe PoorGoodFair
ScorpioExcellentVery GoodExcellentExcellent
SagittariusThe PoorFairFairThe Poor
AquariusThe PoorThe PoorFairThe Poor
PiscesGoodExcellentVery GoodFair

Compatibility of Virgo with Every Zodiac Sign

You are a practical Virgo but can be a bit mushy in love. While you may be comfortable with earth signs and water signs it does not mean that you cannot find love with a passionate air sign, or a cerebral sign. This is especially true if other aspects of your charts align. While it might take some time, there is always the possibility of lasting love if both parties are motivated to create a relationship.

Virgo & Aries – Magnetic Attraction without Much Long-Term Prospect

The Virgo-Aries relationship has a certain magnetism, but its longevity is uncertain. Your need for order may be perceived by Aries as being nagging, or even overly critical. Aries can be impulsive, and this can cause chaos in your world.

It will take both of you to understand, adjust, and make compromises for this relationship to work.

Virgo & Taurus: Deep Compatibility

Taurus is a great match for Virgo in terms of love and marriage. Taurus has the stability to calm your anxious tendencies and nervous streak. Taurus is not bothered by your desire to follow the rules and have things proceed logically.

You both have the same attitude towards sex and romance. When it comes to the heart, you’re both prepared to wait for everything to be perfect.

Taurus and you are likely to agree more than not because of the earth element that both share. You both share a mutual admiration and respect.

Virgo and Gemini – A Bet that Could Payoff

It’s a bit like a gambling game to see if you can be compatible with a Gemini. You are very similar to each other in some aspects and different in others.

Mercury is the ruler of both your signs, so its influence will be filtered through their personalities. Mercury gives Gemini the ability to think logically. Gemini’s laid-back nature, however, softens this tendency. Mercury’s impact on you is slightly different. Mercury can make you a perfectionist. Mercury’s rule can lead you to be critical, even though you are a perfectionist.

You’ll have a great connection in certain areas. You both have a love for the arts, and you enjoy stimulating your minds. You could engage in a deep discussion or debate as well as share a book or listen to Mozart. You both enjoy a tidy and clean home, despite how scattered Gemini may appear at times. You both have a love for fine dining and stylish clothing.

Conflict will arise primarily because of the differences in your thinking and handling of situations. You both have strong opinions and are ready to speak up in any situation. This can lead to some disagreements. You can get bored with your intellectual nature, especially if Gemini is the dominant partner.

Money can also be a source of conflict. Your desire to save money can sometimes interfere with Gemini’s quest for carefree fun. Your libido may be less dynamic than Gemini’s, which can cause a mismatch in the romance department.

Virgo & Cancer: Serious Long-Term Potential

Virgo, pairing with a Cancer will lead to a wonderful relationship. Your calm, gentle voice will help your partner balance out their emotions. Cancer may be rational but is also emotional. Your need for order makes Cancers feel more secure. You’ll enjoy feeling loved, cared for and nurtured by a Cancer.

Cancer and you both appreciate each other and take the time to choose a partner. It’s a great tonic for both of you. And when you realize how fortunate you are to be together, your relationship could lead to a long-term one.

You are a great match. You both tend to remain in love once you’re in it and want to please each other. Both of you are traditional romantics. You’re both traditional romantics. It may not be wild but it is sweet and fulfilling. This, combined with your shared commitment to each other, is the perfect recipe for a long-lasting relationship.

Virgo & Leo – It’s going to take some work

Leo and Virgo are compatible, but they won’t work by themselves. Leo is fiery, while you are humble. Leo is proud, but you can be critical. Leo’s dominant personality may eventually irritate you. Your fault-finding attitude can also annoy Leo. This can be a love match that quickly turns out to be a mismatch. Leo and Virgo rarely end up in a relationship that is emotional or intimate for a long time.

Virgo & Virgo – More like siblings than lovers

Your pairing with another Virgo is intelligent and analytical. You are both perfectionists and workaholics. You’re also very organized, methodical, practical, and highly organized. Yours may be the perfect business relationship, but there is a sibling-like vibe in love that will soon cool romance and passion.

Virgo & Libra: Introvert vs. Extrovert

Libra is social and loves to meet new people. You are shy and reserved, however, when it comes time to express love and affection. Libra is open-minded and romantic. You are a realist, while Libra has an idealistic side. You’re unlikely to be attracted by one another. You’re more likely to make each other crazy if you choose a love match.

Virgo & Scorpio – Great Conversations

You and Scorpio have a lot of attraction. Scorpio is fascinated by the calmness and unflappability of your approach to romance. Scorpio is very emotional and shocked by the rational, yet calculated approach you take to romance. Both of you are workers who enjoy acquiring resources. You both share a love for home and your lifestyles go well together.

You both want to have everything perfect. You are also a private person who can be a bit unsociable. You’re both careful when it comes to sharing your hearts. Once you’ve built trust, you will be able to ground Scorpio’s emotional intensity while Scorpio can bring depth and drama into your life.

Scorpio can be a passionate, adventurous, and fiery sexual sign. But if you let down your guard and Scorpio slows down, you will have some amazing sexual experiences. You can talk to each other about the things that matter to you as a couple. This could be your children or your politics. You can stay up until dawn talking to each other about things that are important to you, whether it’s politics, children or your partner.

Virgo & Sagittarius – No meeting of the minds

Sagittarius and you are completely different. You are productive, reserved, and cautious. Sagittarius can be spontaneous and carefree. You are quiet, withdrawn, and at times pessimistic. Sagittarius are social, talkative and optimistic. Both of you are adaptable and flexible people with a changeable personality. However, your different personalities and attitudes towards life combined with your unpredictable tendencies do not bode well for long-term relationships.

Virgo & Capricorn – Respect, Admiration and Love

You and Capricorn can make a wonderful match, similar to Taurus and Virgo. Capricorn’s seriousness and work ethic is something you appreciate. You feel less anxious and appreciate Capricorns’ long-term outlook and ability to plan for the future. Your love affair is often a marriage and family because you share so many things in common.

You’ll both enjoy your time in bed because you can communicate easily about your sexual needs. You should avoid the pitfall of each of you forgetting to nurture your relationship. It’s important to surprise your partner now and then. You’re unlikely to be infidelity-prone, so your relationship will likely grow over time.

Virgo & Aquarius: Better Friends Than Lovers

You can be good friends with Andou, but finding love will be a struggle. Both of you have different approaches to life and neither can bring out the passions of the other. You can even bring out the worst of each other. To make your relationship last, both of you will need to adjust.

Virgo & Pisces – Opposites that Attract

Pisces, your opposite sign. You can’t resist being drawn to an elusive Pisces like the moth is drawn to the flame. Pisces are everything you love. They seem unconcerned and unburdened with traditional rules.

Pisces’ laid-back, easy style and humanitarian outlook draw you in. Your ability to juggle eight balls in the air and hold a food drive simultaneously is amazing to Pisces. You both have what the other does not, and you can adapt to each other’s differences. Together, you are both better people.

It’s not always easy to be a Virgo with a Pisces. You’re a Pisces and Pisces is an Aries, so you both have much to learn. If you both do what you are best at, you can have a long-lasting, happy and fulfilling sexual relationship.

What Virgos Need in a Relationship

These are the qualities a Virgo needs to be able to love you.

Stability and Routine

Virgos are usually attracted to relationships that have structure and predictability. They are attracted to partners who can be trusted, reliable and provide security.

Honesty in Communication

Communication is important to Virgos. Transparency and honesty are important to them in their relationships. Virgos tend to be analytical and enjoy intellectual conversations.

Appreciation for Detail

Virgos have a reputation for being meticulous. They are known to be meticulous and will appreciate a partner who is also.

Patience, understanding and patience

Virgos are often anxious or self-critical, but they also appreciate partners who have patience, understanding and support.


Virgos are practical and efficient. They value a partner who is responsible, grounded and practical.

Order and cleanliness

As earth signs, Virgos value order and cleanliness. They value a partner that can maintain and respect an organized home.

Personal Growth

Virgos often focus on their growth and improvement and appreciate a partner that shares these values.

Partnering with a Virgo

Virgo’s compatibility with earth and water signs is the highest, but it does not mean that Virgo will never find love if he is attracted by a fire sign or an air sign. Other aspects of your chart will be considered. A chart is more than just a sun sign. Even if the sun sign compatibility doesn’t seem to be a good match, you should still explore love if someone lights your fire.