Unique Gifts for Couples This Year

Unique Gifts for Couples This Year
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Finding the perfect gift for a couple can be a challenge. A perfect couple’s gift will recognize both members of the couple and will be equally exciting for both. This is a tall order because almost any gift you purchase ends up being more for one member of the couple or the other. 


The other challenge with gifts for couples is finding a gift that doesn’t feel like a romantic gift from one member of the couple to another. If a couple shares a home, and you are comfortable enough with their style aesthetic, decor for that home is a great idea.


If you aren’t as comfortable trying to find something for their home, either because you aren’t familiar with their particular style, or because they prefer to handle their own decorating, experiences are always a great option. Anything the couple can do together is a great way to acknowledge them as partners. 


Many gifts that you might consider are cliche or might be given multiple times this year. To truly wow that couple you love, consider the following unique gift ideas.

  1. Classes

This requires you to know the couple fairly well. Depending on their shared interests, there are classes offered in almost every community for them to learn a new skill that could become a shared passion.


The biggest caveat with this suggestion: You need to know both of them pretty well. If you pick a subject that only one of them is into, and the other one hates, you could be setting up disagreements between them, or you could be wasting your time with a gift that doesn’t get used.

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If they are into art, consider a pottery class. Many pottery studios offer to throw or sculpting classes that they can take together, and end with a skill that they could use to decorate their home or to create crafts that can be sold at festivals.


If the couple enjoys music or dancing, consider swing or ballroom classes. These classes give them the opportunity to spend time together and learn a few new moves that they can take to their next date night.

  1. Chef Prepared Meal

Regardless of whether either of them can cook, or their idea of a home-cooked meal is heating up take out, everyone likes to eat. There are many personal chefs now who will come prepare a gourmet meal in your own kitchen. Some of them will even do the dishes afterward!


If they like to cook, you can pay for an in-home cooking lesson from that same chef, so they get a great meal, and learn how to cook it themselves later. Either way, they are spending time together and enjoying a fantastic meal.

  1. Do It Yourself Art

This one is a very unique example in the list of couple gifts, because it is both something they can do together, and a decoration for their home. If you have access to a great picture of the couple, you can have this picture converted into a paint by numbers canvas. 


This canvas will have the outline of your photo printed, with paint numbers corresponding to each color, just like the pictures we all painted as children. The only difference is that instead of a picture of a unicorn on recycled paper, you have a beautiful canvas of a great memory. The couple can paint this as a team, or they can let whichever of them has talent do the painting, while the other one brings them snacks and beverages. 

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Buying a gift for that special couple in your life is not rocket science. With a little creativity and some thoughtfulness, you can give a gift that they will cherish forever, either in memories or in keepsakes.

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