Understanding and Endurance is the key to Love in Relationship or Marriage

Although love is the ultimate of every relationship or marriage, but to be sincere without understanding and endurance love can’t last, love won’t be strong and love may not exists. I want to use a story to make you understand why it very important to understand and endure your partner actions for peace and happiness to be.

A True story to make you understand why understanding and endurance is the key to love in relationship or marriage

A young man fall in love with a beautiful young lady, and got marry to her. They both love each other so much, but there is a problem or a fault that the woman have, and which is one of the things the man hate most in his life, the woman always love to borrow or collect a loan, and the worst part of it is not that she collect a loan but she spend the money extra vacantly, without using it to solve any family problem and due to that the man keep paying for the loan his wife collected every year, till he became poor and have no money again to take care of his family, but in all this he never stop loving and caring for his wife and family. He put his family problems first before his own problems and believing that one day everything will be alright and which God do for him, now he live happily with his wife and children, because he knows his wife weak point and understand it well and due to that he endures all till he changed that bad character of his wife.

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Understanding and Endurance is key to Love in Relationship or Marriage

Now that you have read the story above, I hope you understand what true love means and the role of understanding and endurance in any relationship or marriage, because if the man don’t understand his wife weak point and decide to endure that bad character of his wife, his family might have been scattered, so in any relationship or marriage you are now or that you will be in future, try to always understand and endure your partner’s character and never try to use your partner’s weak point against him or her for peace to reign in your relationship, marriage or family!


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