Types Of Marriage

types of marriage
types of marriage

Marriage is an agreement between a man and a woman to become husband and wife. It is a decision from their body and soul, and it needs a maximum concentration and determination before you accept to be married. Marriage is not a child’s play, it is for the matured mind. If you are not ready for marriage, you should not go close to it because if you do, it may flash on the way, due to it requires a lot of endurance and patience, and most especially total commitment. There are different types of marriage with different meaning. Read carefully as we will be writing on the topic that says “Types of marriage”.

Types of marriage


Two major types of marriage are


1. Open marriage

This type of marriage involves the situation where both the man and the woman have the liberty to be in any extramarital affairs outside their marriage. The woman is allowed to have another man freely without the man getting angry or refusing her to do so , and also the man is also allowed to be with another woman freely without the disturbance of the woman. The outside relationship will be let known to any of them and no one will object to it. It’s a marriage that has no rule that is guiding them, you behave as you like with your life. Your boyfriend can come to the house to visit and even have sex with you and the husband will not be angry or reject it. And the man too will bring his girlfriend to the house in your presence without any shame or fear of you. Such marriage can be found in any place round the world.

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2. Close marriage

This is the type of marriage which is mainly for a man and a woman alone without any extramarital affairs outside their marriage. The man is bound To be with his wife while the woman is bound to do the same. It is a marriage that sees extramarital affairs as a bad thing in any relationship. It’s a kind of marriage that goes with rules and principles guiding them. This marriage is what almost all the people around the world is practicing today, it’s a kind of marriage that involves the policy of one man one wife. A woman has no right to bring in a man in her husband’s house for any reason, provided that the man has not come for something that concerns the family or business. Not a man that just came for his own selfish interest. Also, it s a kind of marriage that restricts a man from bringing in his girlfriend to his house for any reason, even if you want to do it, it must be secret and you will apologize seriously if your wife come to know about that. It is a kind of marriage that couples are meant to love and cherish only themselves . “Types of marriage”

Other types of marriage


Traditional marriage

This particular marriage is the most important one for it tends to describe you as a married man or woman in your land. It is a type by which marriage fixed with the method of culture in your land.
Like in an African traditional marriage a man is in control of everything in the family. The wife will just be loyal, cook and do every chores and the man will always provide for the family.
For instance; There are so many cultures in the world, so it depends on the tribe you find yourself.
If you are a man in your land, there are some rites that you need to perform in your land, before your kindred will describe you as a married man. And if you do not finish that, you will not be recognize you as a married man, and the things that young men are doing in your land, you will also do it and if not your right as a man will not be given to you no matter how influencing and rich you may be in the outside society.
Again; If you are a woman, there are so things that you are supposed to do for your age mates or for the young and single ladies like you. And if those rites are not done, you will not be recognized as a married woman. Not that you won’t be recognized physically but you will be denied your right as a woman in your land as custom may demands. So such things are applicable to almost every community round the world. So you are you are to finish the things that your customs demands before you are to get married legally.
And such marriage, Traditional marriage. It is only done in the village, especially in the woman’s compound, depending on your customs of your people. In that marriage, you will present your husband to your kindred and your people to see with exchange if drinks, depending on how you do your own in your land.
After that, you now be licensed to take your wife or your husband to your various resident. “Types of marriage”

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Religious marriage

This type of marriage, is also important for it tends to describe a man and a woman married in a religious way and pattern. This type is always fine in the church or you invite a priest to your place depending on how you plan it. But in this type of marriage, it is only the priest that is allowed to pronounce you man and wife after the whole rituals or prayers depending on your religion.
This type of marriage is that type in which the priest will ask you questions pertaining to your choice of woman or man, and will also give you chance to exchange vows one after the other and then will exchange a wedding ring too making you a confirmed married man or woman, and at the same time you will be allowed to unveil your woman, and it is done almost at the same way round the world. This form of marriage is being recognized by a particular religion.

Court marriage

This is a form of marriage that is being obtain by court. It is a marriage on a signed certified paper which makes a man and a woman legally married in the court of law incase if necessity. This kind of marriage is done only in court and a witness must be there if any issues should arise in that marriage, the court will also decide on how to solve it using their appropriate constitutional statement that governs everyone in the country. It is also an agreement that goes between the man and the woman. A woman cannot just decide in a court marriage without the man’s knowledge nor a man decide on court marriage without the woman’s consent. It’s a legal firm of marriage that is done in the court of law, it has rules and regulations.

Having read all these things, we believed that you are able to understand the types of marriage and the major types of it, and can know differentiate each one of them.
Note: Marriage is not something that you can get into without being ready for it, and before you can be sure that you are ready, you should know if you can endure in terms of if any issues should arise. You need to be matured in the brain before getting into marriage.
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“Types of marriage”

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