Types And Uses Of 2D Animation Video That Can Boost Your Impression

An explainer video is a descriptive video where a 2nd person explains the subject or purpose of an object. If this explanation shows with a 2D animation video, then it is called 2D animation explainer video.

2d mean two dimensions. Only height and width are required in this type of video. No depth is needed in the art. In 2d animation, the art moves in 2-dimensional space including character, creature, FX and background. The illusion of moving things creates when separate drawings are correctly sequenced.

History of 2d animation video

1st 2d animated video was created in 1908. Emile Cohl created a video named “Fantasmagurie” that video was 70 seconds long, but it needs thousands of drawing for this video. Then Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse; the first 2d animation with sound in it.

Types of 2d animation explainer video

There are several types of 2d animation explain the video. But they are mainly divided in 2 parts.

1. Traditional 2d animation explainer video:
Though all works are done with digital system nowadays still there are some places for traditional animation in the market. But it needs a perfect hand in drawing. Drawing all the arts in so many papers is a tough one than digital.

2. Digital 2d animation explainer video:
To make a digital 2d animation video, it doesn’t matter if you are an expert in drawing. All it needs is a pen tablet, voice recorder or an instrument for music and a computer with a fair and accessible anime making software. Among much software in the market, Mango Animation Maker Software is a good one. It offers many features like popular templates, effects, and some dynamic speaking role free which will make your video interesting to watch. The price is also competitively.

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Three types of 2d digital animation are mainly created for an explainer video.
• Motion Graphic Animation
• Whiteboard Animation
• Coloured animation

Motion graphics is mainly given motion in effects to the illustrations drawn in the computer with sound. It can be text or object. The flipbook is also motion graphics, but that is traditional.

Whiteboard animation looks like contents have been drawn the whiteboard or white background by a hand. It is an easier way to communicate more complex subject. Because the graphics are simple here and simple graphics can be understood easily. This animation is comfortable to create and very much versatile. You can use a whiteboard animation both for marketing and educational purpose. That’s why whiteboard animation is so popular.

Coloured animation is the most digital animation, which is almost similar to whiteboard animation. Still, there is no hand image used in coloured animation, and the colour is not just black and white. Different colours are used to make the objects live and beautiful. It helps viewers to recognize objects. But this one is more time consuming than previous ones.

Some sectors where 2d animation is used

1. Education: Humans tend to understand videos and image with more attention than reading texts. So, 2d animation explainer video is used for educational purpose. Many institutions and platforms have already started their education through animation, and the response of students or trainee is impressive.

2. Entertainment: From the beginning of the animation era, 2d animation video is successfully entertaining people. There are many famous 2d animations TV series like Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck etc. They give entertainment and moral education as well. There is a vast popularity of 2d animation throughout the world.

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3. Advertisement and Marketing:
The effects of 2d animation in the field of advertising and marketing are quite astounding. Creative and good looking animation attracts the audiences to watch the advertisement. It helps marketing a product or a service.

There are many other applications of 2d animation in many areas. As technology develops and evolves to our daily life, more sectors are opening where animations can make an impact. As 2d animation is easy and less expensive to create, the importance is increasing day by day.

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