Top Tips About Intimate Hygiene That Every Woman Must Know

Top Tips About Intimate Hygiene That Every Woman Must Know
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Vaginal hygiene, like menstruation, is taboo across the world. Women refrain from talking or sharing tips to keep their genitals clean and intimate parts healthy. Regardless of your age, there are certain vaginal hygiene tips, which every woman must know. Here, we will discuss a few of them with you.


Ensure that your undergarments are dry

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It is surprising that many women do not wipe their vaginas after urinating, comments Sherry, an educator who offers online accounting assignment help. Well, we agree with what Sherry has pointed out here. When you do not wipe your vagina, the wetness can travel to your panties, which put you at risk of vaginal infections and may also cause a foul odour.


Thus, it is always recommended to wipe your intimate area with a soft cloth or toilet paper to ensure that your underwear does not get wet.  


Vaginal discharge or fluid is an integral part of a healthy vaginal environment. Many people tend to use products such as talcum powder or wipe their vagina a lot. This can cause dryness, which can later lead to vaginal itchiness. It makes you susceptible to injuries and makes you prone to pain during sex. A recent study reported that continuous use of talcum powder increases your risk of developing endometrial cancer.


 Always wear cotton panties


Cotton is a breathable and lightweight fabric, which allows your vagina to breathe. Thus, periods or not, you need to wear airy and fresh cotton panties. Also, it is okay not to wear panties while you are at home.


Never use sponges or gloves for washing


For intimate hygiene, you do not need any special equipment. Regular water and a specialized soap will suffice. Many women use loofahs, gloves, and sponges for intimate washing. Please ditch them right away. Your intimate area skin is susceptible, and it may be irritated by these products’ abrasive scratchiness.


More so, sponge and gloves are prone to bacteria build-up, and you do not want to introduce them to your vagina. For washing, you should only need your hands. 


Change your sanitary pads after every four to six hours


Several gynecologists recommend that women who have a normal period flow must change their sanitary pads every four to six hours. The same is applicable for women with light blood flow too. But, if you have a heavy flow, you can even change your pads after every three to four hours. Moira, an associate you can reach out for, do my assignment services, says that she uses a tampon and changes it every six hours, regardless of where she is.


Further, while you are on your periods, you must clean your intimate area every time you use a washroom. When you do not change the tampons or sanitary pads for a long while, it may cause skin irritation and rashes and yield a bad odour.


At times, it also increases your susceptibility to developing skin infections. If you use reusable cloth pads, we recommend you to wash and dry them thoroughly before reusing them. 


Indulge in safe sex only


The safest sex is no sex, but that is obviously not what you want to hear, right? As long as it is consensual and safe, you are good to go. So, always use a condom during coitus. It is necessary to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections.


However, if you are going solo, do ensure that your toys or hands are fully clean before you use them. Further, after you have intercourse, it is recommended to pee. It helps flush out any bacteria which may be exchanged during sex. 


Do not wear super tight clothes all the time


Wearing tight fitted denim, gym pants, or stocking can curtail the airflow. It can become a breeding ground for the bacteria. So, anytime you work out, you should immediately go for a shower and get in comfortable and loose clothes so that your intimate parts can breathe again. 


Always opt for PH balanced products


Unfortunately, a lot of people still use the regular shower gels and soaps on their vaginas. It is because they have a certain pH level and are acidic. These are meant for your skin’s surface. The skin’s pH level is 5.5, whereas the healthy vaginal pH range goes from 3.8 to 4.5. If you try to change the pH balance of your vagina, it may upset the bacterial balance of the vagina, which is vital for keeping you infection-free.


So, what should you use? Martha, an educator with TopAssignmentExperts suggests special soaps, which are intended specifically for your lady parts. These soaps are readily available in the feminine care section of a shop. 


Before and after going to the loo or using period products, wash your hands


There are so many germs that live and breed on your fingers. You certainly do not want them to travel to your vagina. Thus, it is recommended to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water before touching your intimate parts and again after you touch them. While you are in a stall or bathroom, always use tissue paper to clean your intimate parts. 


Always wipe from front to back


After using the toilet, you should wipe your front to back, that is, from the vagina to the anus, and not vice versa. It will ensure that the bacteria on your bum do not enter your vagina, which is way more sensitive than any other body area.

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