Top 7 Party Wear Kurtis to Add In Your Ethnic Wardrobe

Top 7 Party Wear Kurtis to Add In Your Ethnic Wardrobe
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Whenever someone invites you to any party celebration, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘What should I wear?’. Then you start playing with your thoughts to decide on a particular outfit that matches the party vibes. It is easy to find the outfit for modern parties, but the condition worsens when it comes to the ethnic party outfits. But, you no more have to fret about it as we have brought you some of the fascinating ideas of trending party wear Kurtis that you can add in your ethnic wardrobe.

Some of the party wear Kurtis have a blend of modern and traditional fashion so that you can wear them at the cocktail and farewell parties. Kurtis has turned out to be the most popular and alluring ethnic outfits of all time. The comfort, elegance, and fashionable look that this Kurtis offer is beyond perfection.

You will find all types of colors, patterns, and designs in the party wear Kurtis that offer a voguish lookover. These Kurtis are versatile and can be worn by women of all ages bars. If you wish to add a spark to your ethnic wardrobe, don’t forget to add the below-mentioned party wear Kurtis that are bound to upscale your fashion statement.

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Types of Party Wear Kurtis:


  • Flared Kurtis
Flared Kurtis
Flared Kurtis


Flared Kurtis are the long length Kurtis that go straight down to your feet with an A-line silhouette. When it comes to grand soirees or wedding parties, you will find nothing better than the flared Kurtis. Their comfort and elegance make them a perfect party wear attire. If you have a rectangular or pear-shaped body, then you should definitely add flared Kurtis to your partywear, Kurtis.

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Make sure to select the bright shades as they will offer you a scintillating appearance in the evening lights. You will find yourself grinning at the compliments that you will receive from your loved ones after wearing this glamorous masterpiece.



  • Indo-Western Style Kurtis


The fashion designers have added a spark to the ethnic collection by crafting these amazing Indo-Western style Kurtis. This Kurtis has a fusion of Indian and Western fashion culture, which makes them a perfect match for cocktail parties. They make a fashion statement with their cuts, which are either on both sides of the Kurti or on the front side.


Many young ladies are attracted to these styles of Kurtis as they have a modern touch, which makes them look regal and impressive. So, if you want to reveal your style statement and be the cynosure of any event, the Indo-Western Kurtis will help you accomplish your fashion goals.



  • Jacket Style Kurtis


Jacket Style Kurtis
Jacket Style Kurtis

Jacket style Kurtis are known for their grandeur and fascinating appearance that comes from the overlaid ethnic jacket. Most of the young ladies prefer them over other traditional Kurtis because of their exclusive patterns. You will get a wide range of styles in jackets of these Kurtis, right from waist-length, knee-length to ankle-length jackets.


The unique look and style of these Kurtis will make you a show-stealer of the parties. You can have the designer as well as minimalist patterns to cover all your choices for different party themes. The light and dark color shades will leave you spoilt for choice as they both look fabulous in the jacket style Kurtis.

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  • Kurtis with Palazzo Pants


The fashion of palazzo pants with Kurtis will never go out of style. The traditional look of ethnic Kurtis with a modern taste of palazzo pants forms a perfect party outfit for women of all age groups. Even the older women are adding the Kurtis with palazzo pants to their ethnic wardrobe. 


Most of the palazzo pants have the floral prints and embroideries that exude the beauty of these outfits. You can add them to your partywear Kurtis and make them a go-to outfit for any modern party occasion, be it a farewell party or a get-together with your friends.


You will also have multiple options to try on, as you can pair these palazzo pants with both the long and short height Kurtis. 



  • Apron Style Kurtis


Apron Style Kurtis
Apron Style Kurtis

The apron style Kurtis are recently introduced in the fashion industry, but they have got an overwhelming response from all the ladies. This Kurtis has stylish knots on both the sides adorned with fancy latkans made of cotton or silk yarns. This style will offer you a cheerful and engaging look for the parties. So, if you miss this style in your wardrobe, this could be the right time to add them to your partywear Kurtis and make your ethnic collection exuberating.


The most interesting fact about this type of Kurtis is that they are size-friendly. Also, the apron style Kurtis is easy and comfortable to carry on, which makes them suitable to wear for long hours.

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  • Asymmetric Kurtis


Compromising on your choices will never be a concern when it comes to asymmetric Kurtis. You will find yourself lost in the myriad of styles available in these Kurtis. From the name itself, you can imagine that they don’t have a specific pattern. You will find the tail cut, C-cut, triangle cut, A-cut, and many other fascinating Kurti styles in them.


When it comes to styling the asymmetric Kurtis, you can pair them with cigarette pants or leggings for an aesthetic look. 



  • Cape Kurtis
Cape Kurtis
Cape Kurtis

The trending fashion of cape Kurtis is stealing the heart of many young ladies. These Kurtis have a lovely appearance because of the waist-length cape top that is draped over the shoulders. The cape Kurtis gives a sophisticated look to the wearer with their attractive pattern. You can easily flaunt them at both traditional and modern parties. The cape Kurtis should definitely be a part of your party wear ethnic collection as they have a versatile and enchanting appearance.


With this article, we hope that you are now quite clear about what styles will enhance your partywear collection. From now onwards, you don’t have to keep thinking about what to wear at the upcoming party celebration as your wardrobe will be filled with these glamorous and cheerful party wear Kurtis.

“Top 7 Party Wear Kurtis to Add In Your Ethnic Wardrobe”

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