Tips on the Best Pole Dancing Apps

I have always been secretly envious of someone who can pole dance really well. It’s not only a great way to exercise but its also very good for flexibility and mobility. Of course, walking into a studio as a beginner can be a little scary, so instead, I started looking into online resources and apps to learn a bit before I signed up for a class. I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this article that gave helpful information on different apps that could help me achieve my pole-dancing dreams, without unwanted embarrassment. So, check out the link below, but do keep reading on to find out what I learned about getting the right pole-dancing app for you. 

Great Apps to Learn Pole Dancing

Benefits of Pole Dancing For Beginners

There are many different forms of exercise to choose from, but if you like dancing, listening to music, and toning up, why not try pole dancing? But, if you can’t see yourself swirling around a pole for the first time in front of people, that’s normal and easy to get around. You can learn the basics of pole dancing in the comfort of your own home. You can even purchase a pole online that is either freestanding (so you can easily hide it when guests are over) or with some assembly required, turning your garage into a dancing studio of your own. From home, you can learn some basic pole dancing techniques to practice, as well as exercises that can help you build muscle to conquer the more difficult techniques like the human flag. Ultimately, learning to pole dance is a great way to build muscle and flexibility, and there is plenty of online resources and apps that can provide you with everything you need to get started. 

Getting Comfortable With Your New Skills

Now, once you have done some training, learned some basic techniques that you’re comfortable with, and built some muscle, its time to challenge yourself to more difficult moves. The great news is, you can still develop your pole dancing skills with apps and online resources. For example, there are fitness apps that can help you focus on stretching and strength training so you build the right core muscles to attempt holding yourself up with one arm or leg. And once you have gained some confidence in your abilities, you can join an online class or social app to get advice for music or how to choreograph your first routine. 

Remember, pole dancing is not the easiest sport, you have to build muscle and flexibility, so you may need to focus on apps that give you training in those areas before you even master a simple technique with the pole. But don’t be discouraged, once you nail the first couple of tricks, you’ll be hooked. 

Finding a Class To Learn More 

Finally, don’t be afraid to join a class or online course with fellow newbies to the pole. Plenty of studios offer online classes live or classes you can download to watch in your own time. A great aspect of signing up for classes is that you become part of a community of women and men that are looking to get fit and enjoy the craft of pole dancing. That means there’s no need to feel uncomfortable or shy, everyone is in it together. You never know, you might meet people in the class who become friends who encourage your pole dancing and maybe even join you in a group pole dancing routine. 

In Conclusion

Whether you are too nervous to go to a studio in person, or never tried pole dancing, you can find apps that will help you learn the basics. Similarly, fitness apps that offer filters are a great place to start so you can focus on gaining muscle and mobility to start feeling stronger in the dance moves. Lastly, you can sign up at a studio or online course to meet other beginner pole dancers and enjoy the support and community.