Tips For You As A Female On How To Prevent Sexual Harassment In School

Tips For You As A Female On How To Prevent Sexual Harassment In School

How To Prevent Sexual Harassment In School is what i want to talk on today because this is one of the most rampart problems in school that may females in schools are facing especially Nigeria High Institutions. Many female students have been facing this issues and finds it very hard to solve but let that don’t trouble you again, let me tell you some tips or things that you need to be doing for you no to fall into a victim of this problem as a student so without wasting much of your time let me go straight to why we are here.

Tips For You As A Female On How To Prevent Sexual Harassment In School

  1. Avoid visiting any lecturer unnecessary:

    let me explain this well for you in a way that you will understand. Try as much and as possible as you can to stay away from lecturers by all means possible and by all course. Don’t even try to make a mistake of going to the lecturer to explain or said to him that you don’t understand this or that, or to tell him that what he taught in class that you don’t understand it. I know you will be saying how then will I learn if I don’t meet him but let me explain something well here for you. if you are avoiding sex abuse in school then what you need to do as a lady stay away from male lectures especially the ones you think that are bad. And if you don’t understand what he taught in class try to look for a student who understand what he taught, so that the person will teach you.
    The best way to advertise yourself to them is by visiting a lecturer. Because it is like you are fanning a flame. It provoke me at times seeing students going to greet Lecturers in their offices, in the name of “The lecturer is contributing to their lives, let us just say hi to them.”.

    If you are doing so then know that you should also go to the forces because they protecting us, how many of them have you gone to say hi to in their offices? So stop being unnecessarily nice to any lecturer. Don’t even try to greet them if it not convenient for you. Because getting friendly with any of the lecturer puts you in a wrong position, education is business.

  2. Dress Proper:

    The way you dress as a woman matters a lot.
    Some girls never know that the type of dress you wear to class matter a lot. Try to Dress simply and neatly when going to class. Remember that you are going to class is not a fashion audition stage for showing off extravagant makeup and clothes neither will the check for the best cloths or best fashion cloth wear to class.
    Don’t make yourself available for errands or any message for any lecturer. “Tips For You As A Female On How To Prevent Sexual Harassment In School”

  3. Try to follow up lectures and activities in class at the right time.

    try to follow up and do the activities that is happening and try finish thing like your assignments on time so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of going to his office to personally submit it, but if it happen that you are late because of some circumstances beyond your making, then try  NOT TO GO ALONE.

  4. Always try to open up when any lecturer threatens you of failure or failing you in your exams:. .

    If there is any lecturer that is threatening you to sleep with you, else he will fail you on his course then, don’t just keep calm on the issue I advise you to spread it. by spreading it out I don’t mean you should go to radio or in front of all student and do it as announcement but all am saying is that you should tell your friends and people you come across and have a conversation with, by doing so it will spread out on it own because rumor travels fast in school. So using this way you will spread it out quickly. “Tips For You As A Female On How To Prevent Sexual Harassment In School”

    5. Learn to always study to avoid being tempted during exams :.

Try to always read your books and not being lazy, remember why you came to school. So I advise you to take your studies and always try to read well on all course because if you read well and pass then you won’t have the opportunity to meet the lecturer or see him face to face.


There is a girl I know that was in the same department with me this girl always try to do her best to read, and to clear the debt and assignment of any course that a man is the lecturer of the course. When I ask her why she always do so he will tell me because he don’t want the lecturer to know or see her face to face to avoid any form of sexual harassment from the lecturer.

So you see why I advise you to read and always try to avoid any thing that will make any lecturer see you or know you face to face because  if he don’t know you or have not see you before he won’t have the time to ask you to sleep with him for you to pass. So read always after all, that is why you are in school and doing so will help you avoid sexual abuse in school.


    Tips For You As A Female To Avoid Sexual Harassment In School
    Tips For You As A Female On How To Prevent Sexual Harassment In School

    if there is a topic that you don’t understand or there is a particular course that gives you problem. Then go to other students or visit anybody that knows the course well. Don’t even try to make the mistake of visiting the lecturer for course advise. Because some of them will take the opportunity to take advantage of you. by advantage I don’t me forcing you to sex but all am saying is his, you know as a woman you are you have a soft heart and can easily be deceive and you may decided to buy his idea and date him or sleep with him.

So never go for advice to any from any lecturer because it won’t do you any good but harm. Just bear in mind that if he ask you to sleep with him or to be his friend the same way he also do to others and who knows, he may be HIV positive or he may have contacted STD because he sleeps around. So you see sleeping with a lecturer do you no good but harm and when other student notice your image in school is also with bad recommendation.

7. Seek advice from parents or worthy friend With You:

Never be ashamed to tell your parents or friends about the problem that you are facing and also hear advice that they will give you and also ask them to help you solve the problem. Doing so will help you a lot remember that a problem solve is half solved and if you are to carry the problem alone you may be confuse so I advise you to also tell them and share the issues out and get more ideas from them on how to solve the problem.

Tips For You As A Female On How To Prevent Sexual Harassment In School
Tips For You As A Female On How To Prevent Sexual Harassment In School


If you are facing this issue now I advice you to understand what I said and follow my advice and never try to give in to consideration to any lecturer who as you to sleep with him. And again be bold and talk to him face to face with a “NO” answer because is your future he want to destroy.

The pressure is hard to bear I know but remember that you are doing all these for your future’s sake so please the pressure you see now is small than the damage you will get in future so please my dear learn to endure and say “NO” now for you future.

He is a married man and if you are to be his wife what will you say, so don’t give in to that stupid man who call himself a lecturer but can’t give you good advise but what to destroy you instead. Thanks and becareful!! “Tips For You As A Female On How To Prevent Sexual Harassment In School”