Things You Should Not Do When You Break Up With Your Partner

if you are here to know things You Should Not Do When You Break Up With Your Partner, read this. Are you going through of heartbreak from a relationship that was broken up between you and your partner and it makes you feel like you are underwater where you need to breathe? It is so painful and hurt so bad because after building your life with someone you trust and care for, and then, in the blink of an eye, it’s all gone.

This can lead to feeling sorrow, anger, and some serious questions about yourself and the future. .
But don’t kill or worry yourself to death due to that because that is how life is sometimes we must not enjoy at all times other times we can be hurt, because human beings can change anytime ,it is only God that never changes not human.
So if you are dealing with heartbreak and want to heal and control it all then here are the things to do after a break up.

Things You Should Not Do When You Break Up With Your Partner:

1.. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to admit your feelings..

Just try as possible as you can to let it out. Because it is normal to feel sad. Don’t feel weak ,or think that you are stupid if you are crying or getting upset due to heart break. Because all these things are normal as a human being that we are. Bear in mind that going through grief is just another step along the path to recovery. So allow yourself to grieve.


2. Don’t even try t hold a grudge

Learn to forgive the one that hurt you, Even if they are not sorry or ask for it. But remember that doing do don’t mean that you have to get back together with the person. You can just forgive the one who hurt you or break your heart, and also wish the person well, and then part ways. Because forgiveness is an essential part and also a way of healing that you’re broken heart. So in order for you to move on, you need to forgive the other person who hurt you or break up with you.

Things You Should Not Do When You Break Up With Your Partner

Things You Should Not Do When You Break Up With Your Partner

3. Don’t expect that you will be heal overnight..

If you are expecting to be completely healed or overcome it all in a day after being in a relationship with your partner for a very long time, then you could be sorely disappointed because it takes time to really move on and forget all those sweet memories you too have.

4. Don’t even try to be so hard on yourself..

Take a little break and give yourself some time. Remember that you have been in a relationship for a while. So I think is the time to take a step back, and now look at your life, and then move on to the next challenge that life have given you. Because everyone falls down, but what defines you is how to get back.

5. Don’t Try obsess over whose fault it was..

I want you to know that we all make mistakes. And there are some things that you may wish you could change or take back. So instead of killing yourself over the relationship that is gone, why not focus on fixing those issues for your next relationship to avoid what happen to this one to repeat itself again.

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6. Don’t Try to Speak out of Emotions..

I will advice that you should avoid doing and/or saying something that you will end up regretting! Especially when you are in front of whomever you broke up with.

Things You Should Not Do When You Break Up With Your Partner

Things You Should Not Do When You Break Up With Your Partner

7. Avoid adding insult to injury..

What I mean here is to try and distance yourself from your ex. This includes social networking like Facebook, whatsapp and many others. Try to distance yourself because you can’t heal if you are constantly opening up old wounds. Try to think of it as cutting a wound open, a wound which has already stop bleeding and started closing.

8. Don’t make a mistake of rushing into another relationship..

Cool yourself down and start dating other people once you feel ready again to enter into another relationship.
So don’t just make a mistake of accepting a new relationship immediately after your previous break up, because if you do so, you may not be able to cop with this new person out of depressions from your previous relationship that you just break up, so all you need to do after a break up is to :

  • First of all relax your mind
  • After doing so forget about the happy times with your ex for this will try to distract you in life by making your wounds fresh every day.
  • Try to move on with your life for some times before accepting another relationship for doing so will make you know where things went wrong on the other relationship.
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Then after doing all these you can now happily accept a new person for a relationship but don’t rush to give your full trust to the person for the first time just take your time to observe well.

Things You Should Not Do When You Break Up With Your Partner

Things You Should Not Do When You Break Up With Your Partner

9. Never compare everyone else to your ex..

Never try to compare your ex with everyone. Don’t avoid any relationship because you are looking for someone just like the one who has already hurt you. (is sad but is true) or you may are looking for that picture of that particular perfect partner who can never hurt you, that may be impossible because at times all you have to do is to open up and accept the one that came for us and trust him/her with care and love.

10. Never you be afraid to love again..

I want you to know that you have to open yourself up to possible heartbreak if you want to love again. Don’t use because you are hurt or disappointed to deprive yourself of love from another relationship. But you just have to be careful this time before moving into any other relationship with anybody.

“Things You Should Not Do When You Break Up With Your Partner”

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