Things You Need To Know About Travel Nurse Job

Things You Need To Know About Travel Nurse Job

Before becoming a travel nurse it will be best to know more about it. Duties and responsibilities may be similar when working in a regular hospital but setups and environment will likely be different. Travel nurse jobs in New York are continuously increasing and nurses who are trying their fat are also increasing. Here are the things you need to know about a travel nurse job.

Perks of Being a Travel Nurse 

There are a lot of pros in travel nursing jobs such as:

Higher Pay 

The pay of travel nurses is higher than regular nurses. Travel nurses are paid by the hour and the rate depends on the location, specialty, and experience. That’s why nurses prefer working as travel nurses since they can get higher pay than regular carer nurses. Travel nurses who get continuous assignments throughout the year can equal or even exceed the salary a regular nurse earns in a year. The average salary for a travelling nurse is lucrative on its own, finding the right assignment is also one of the determining factor.

Schedule Flexibility

Travel nurses’ assignments can last from 8 to 23 weeks so after each assignment you can opt to take a break or take the next assignment. You can take a break as long as you want and still can come back to work for your next assignments. Travel nurses are allowed to turn down assignments if their schedule doesn’t fit the given schedule or they can also opt to take every assignment given so they can earn more. 

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Contracts and Insurances

Do travel nurses have contracts?do travel nurses have insurance? Both insurance and contracts can protect travel nurses from work issues or unexpected events. Insurance is given to nurses at an affordable rate on every assignment so they can have security while working in different areas. Contracts also are created so you know your boundaries and you know what are your duties and responsibilities on your assignment. 

Advantage of Working with Travel Nurse Agencies

More Support

Does the Agency provide support and assistance with license processing, licensing fees, and other credentialing needs of Travel Nurses? Yes indeed, once you decide to work with a travel nurse agency they will be assisting you in getting the necessary documents you need. Plus while working with them they offer training and seminars so you can still learn continuously while working. During your assignment, they are open to communication with you to assist you in any way they can. 

More Job Opportunities 

Travel nurse agencies can give you continuous assignments which means your time will not be wasted waiting for the next assignment. By working under a travel nurse agency they will be lining you up with assignments that match your skills. Getting exposed to different environments and medical facilities can also help you enhance your skills and earn more knowledge to broaden your career as well as earn experience that can help you land on the specialty you want to stick on in the future.

More Benefits 

Travel nurses can get free housing during their stay in their palace of assignments and travel reimbursement is given after each assignment. That’s why travel nursing jobs can be a good way to work and travel. Traveling at your own expense can be expensive but since you are working then you get minimal expense as you move from one location to another. Travel nurses get a lot of benefits plus the chance to travel to different places. These benefits are given to compensate for the benefits they don’t get since they are not regular workers. 

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Requirements for Travel Nurse

License and Certification 

One should be a registered nurse and have passed the NCLEX. If state taxes are required then you should also provide one. Your travel nurse agency will help you get one. If you have certification then that can be advantageous to you. 


1 or 2 years of experience as a nurse is being asked by medical facilities to qualify you as a travel nurse. Experience is important since you have to work immediately without training which means you are ready to work immediately once called in. 


Now that you have an idea of things you need to know about a travel nurse job, you can get your application started and find a travel nurse agency near you so they can assist you.

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