Things To Consider Before You Marry Her

Things To Consider Before You Marry Her

Don’t make a mistake as a man and marry the wrong woman, who is not worthy to be a good mother for you and children for all that glitters are not gold. The secret of  marriage that last  well begins in a woman because for happiness and job to be in a family is in the hands of a woman because happiness and joy to be in a family is in the hands of a woman ,marry the wrong woman and you will have to suffer for the rest of your life, beauty is good but beauty can’t give that peace of mind you want, in a family only a good woman can give you peace of mind, only a good woman can bring joy and unity to the family.

I remember  when my father use to tell me that in this life not a girl you meet or come across can build your home for you, not all women can make a good wife for you, the woman you meet today may be the one you will marry tomorrow, so take time to look  at a woman, more than the dress, she wear more look beyond that beauty of her always remember that you are looking for a live time partner and not a girlfriend, always remember that you are looking  for a home builder, always remember that no matter how she dress that doesn’t mean that she can’t look for you, always remember that your children deserve  to treat better, your children deserve a good home training.


If you are looking for a wife judge not with her appearance, neither will you judge with her powerful makeup’s for all these will wipe away and you may not find her beautiful again, but when you want to judge her, do that with her character for their lives the true beauty of a woman. Do not look for the ones that  love your wealth, neither will you look for the one that need your money, but for when you may lose all  these tomorrow, she  may decide  to go she may then turn your family upside down, she will go after other men who has that which she love but when you want to look for a wife look for that woman who truly love you who love you for who you are and not what you are or for what you have remember are heard to see if you don’t cool down or calm down and look for here.

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Do not say because she go to church or because she devote herself to worship or to religion, that she will make a good wife to you, a good woman may be seen anywhere because the place she is doesn’t matter but what matters most is how she talk, how she behave how respectful she is to the elders and a society, all these good seen in her character, do not judge or conclude that she is a good woman with the cloth or how decent she dress, for you never know if all these are just to cover up the evil or dirty character in her. try to always  remember not to allow your emotions or love to blind you from seeing her true color because a bad wife will cause you pain,. A bad wife may turn you to a slave.

I will not be the one to find a wife for you for my parents, are not the one who find your mother for me, never ask anybody to look for a wife for you even your mother because what they love or admire is different from what you love or admire, if someone or  I your father find a wife for you, tomorrow you may call for divorce or you may call me to settle a problem in your family and may blame me for giving you bad wife, so its better you are the one who find the woman to live with as a wife, for you not to blame anybody tomorrow, so please take your time now for you not to make a mistake my son.

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These words are always fresh in my mind although I never really understand them when I was a child but as I grew older I now understand them the more, please you should be careful  as a man, don’t marry a woman, try to to take  a good time to know the woman well before you marry for any mistake you made  now will affect you tomorrow, so be careful, I believe a word is better for a wise, look  deep into these words because a wife is life partner and a helper of a man, but many ladies today are not ready to bend down and listen to their  man. Instead they want the man to be the one to listen to them so try to find the respectful, obedient and submissive woman, try to find that woman that will not cause you problems between your parents, brothers, sisters and the society you are living.

You as a man try  also to listen to that woman you marry, for two heads are better than one, you can’t be right at all time, that is why you have a woman as your helper.

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