Sometimes men don’t know that there is a particular taste every woman wants from their man. There is this kind of love and sweet things that she always expects and pray for and I will try to say it all here. “Things every lady expects from her man”


Here are things every lady wants and expects from his man.


  1. Baby what troubles or bother you tell me for I am here for you.


  1. I can take care of you and your problems so have no fear.


  1. I will like to know what turns you on so that I can make you happy.


  1. From this moment life has began between us and I will forever stand by you.


  1. I promise to be with you from now on as long as I live I will love you.


  1. You are the reason I believe in love and the answer to my prayer.


  1. She wants you to look up to her and love only her as long as you live.


  1. A lady wish for a man who will die loving her alone.


  1. She wants a man who will see in her more than romance and sex.


  1. She wants to be relaxed and comfortable staying with you without having to fear of losing you.

“Things every lady expects from her man”

  1. She wants to be happy that all her lonely nights are finally over because you are there with her.


  1. She wants a man that will forever never be enough for him when proving his love for her.
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  1. She knows I love you is easy to say that is why she wants a man who will do the hard part of it which is proving it for her.


  1. Unconditionally is the thing every lady wants to see from any man who said he loves her.


  1. She wants you to remove all eyes from other women, so as to look at her only to satisfy you.


  1. She wants to be sure of true love from you, so that she will die serving and loving you alone.


  1. She wants you to stop cheating on her so that you will know how sweet she is.


  1. She wants you to always be the man that comfort and advice her when she is confused.


Loving a lady alone is hard but it has so many rewards from her if you do so. The heart of a lady is full of love and appreciation to any man who can accept to be with her alone.

“Things every lady expects from her man”

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