The Total Gym GTS 

The Total Gym company has been providing workout equipment for nearly three decades and has gained popularity over time for providing people with a home gym that offers low-impact workout options. This is great for when people are in physical therapy or are transitioning into a workout routine. The machines within the total gym system are all pretty similar, but some differences come forward when you look at the complexity and variance in exercises that are available for the different machines. The Total Gym GTS is the most complex of the Total gym models, and it has the most workout options available for you.


 The Total Gym GTS model is a gravity gym that is built for home use. Since it uses your weight, how you adjust it will depend on how strenuous your workout will be. however, it is meant to provide the same level of workout that one can find in a Total Gym machine at the gym. It offers many different types of exercises that range from strength to cardio. The versatility of this model allows for someone that is looking for a challenging, or beginning workout, to be able to find what they’re looking for. The practical usage of the Total Gym GTS model makes it a great purchase. Beyond its practical use, the gym is comfortable and easy to use. The utilization of the bodyweight of the individual using it allows for low-impact training, which will be useful for those that are attempting to get back into a workout program or for those that have an injury and need to modify their exercise routine.


 The machine itself can take up some room, but it does fold up so that you can store it easily. The important thing to remember is that when it is in use you should make sure that you have a cleared area, but the overall convenience, versus traveling down to the gym to use multiple machines for the same workout, outweighs the concerns over bulkiness. The Total Gym GTS model does have a high price tag, so you may want a smaller, less complex model if you are planning to stay on budget. There is a warranty that comes along with the GTS model. However, not every part of the machine has complete coverage. The pieces that are heavily used are covered for ninety days. The main parts of the machine are covered for a year. The frame has a lifetime guarantee. The standard money-back guarantee is thirty days. 


 There are a lot of workout options with the Total Gym GTS. When the machine arrives at your door, it will come with a DVD and manual that has all the potential workouts that you can do. In total there are a potential 200 workouts that you can complete, but because of the information that comes with the machine, you don’t have to figure that out on your own. One great thing about the GTS is that you have the option to do more active exercises like plyometrics. This is new to the Total Gym and exclusive to the GTS. Adding this extra feature for working out allows someone to have variety in their workout, beyond what a Total Gym machine already provides. Another addition that the GTS has is weighted plates that you can add to your workouts. This can make any workout more challenging and help you push to the next level.


 The Total Gym GTS does need to be assembled once it gets to you your house, and it can take multiple weeks to get there, but there is an option to have it assembled for you professionally so that you do not have to worry about putting the gym together on your own. Overall this is a great piece of equipment that will offer you a versatile workout that you won’t forget.


 The Total Gym GTS is the highest-end home gym model that Total Gym offers. It has the most options for exercise, providing options for individuals with different exercise needs. It is the most professional machine that you can get inside your home. You just need to make sure that you have the room for it if you choose it as your home gym option. To check out a review that breaks down the details, click here.