The third Party

The third Party
The third Party

Once upon a time

A young man who is so handsome and works so hard for his living, he has done everything and later reached his goals. He then decided to get married. He prayed and searched, but later he found a woman to marry, Lucky for him the woman accepted him seeing how much he has worked to win her over. “The third Party”


They lived for many years and they loved themselves, and God blessed them with children. The man trusted his wife and the children loved their parents due to how much they loved themselves. The children can hardly stay out for long due to their parents are always at home on time and they hate late night.


One day, an intruder entered the house, because she has observed how that family lived happily together, and her intentions is to come and scatter the happy family.

One day she set the man up, so that the wife will hate her husband and run away. She was observing when the woman is always going out and the time the man will come back home. She secretly walked in and moved straight to the bed room, dressed sexy and covered herself with a blanket, the man came back, hoping that it’s the wife.

He moved to his bed room and saw her on the bed, not knowing that it’s not his wife. Seeing her in that mood got him horny and he moves towards to her to touch her. The woman did not say anything , until the man was on top of her, the man was asking he romantically how she came back so early to drag him in this mood. She still did not say anything, the man kept on romancing her.

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Immediately the wife came in and opens the door, it was a shock and the man too was surprised seeing another woman that is not his wife on his matrimonial bed.

“The third Party”

That issue caused a very big problem to the man and his wife and the other woman managed to escape. After telling the woman how much the man has promised her marriage but she did not know that he is married to her.


The man on the other hand has explained to her wife the way it happened and due to the trust that the woman has for her husband. She believed her and the two planned on how to get that woman to confess.


They worked together with their children too, and luckily for them the woman came again into that house, and they caught her red handed, she confessed all she had planned and told the woman, that she is just jealous of the way they lived happily in their house. That she want to know how much they can defend themselves.

“The third Party”

That is how the family came back together and lived happier together.


Moral lesson


In marriage, there are most things which are needed for a family to stay strong and those things are;

  1. Trust
  2. Love
  3. Commitment
  4. Understanding
  5. Truthfulness


If your marriage can boast of these things, my dear you are good to go. It is very good to achieve these things in your marriage so that no one can ever come between your marriages.

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Drop your comments if you have any. And also if you have any contributions or story to tell, feel free to drop it too.


“The third Party”

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