The Things You Should Know Before Sending a Wedding Gift

It wouldn’t have been quite nice on our part to sign a cheque of some amount to gift the newlyweds, after what they have gone through. From ensuring food, decoration and all the guests have a great time at their wedding, they get anxious about their D-day while ensuring everything is top-notch, and none of the elements is complaint-worthy. That is the reason we are here with a few tips that you need to keep in your mind while sending a wedding gift, pertaining to these common etiquettes. It is not always necessary to send some gifts for husband or wife, just like that without giving it even a thought. So let’s dig deep into these things/Ethique in detail.

  1. Show Them Some Support – You might be thinking, how can you show them support when you are far away from where they are residing? Isn’t it? Well, in such a situation you can always be a bigger person by getting some flowers delivered or some greeting card delivered at their residence. It would show them that you are there to support them throughout their D-day and even before. They will appreciate your moral support and generosity.
  2. Gift Before The Wedding Day – As soon as we receive a wedding invitation, we start our hunt for a perfect wedding gift. So that till the time wedding day approaches us, we have the gift ready in our hands. But the question is why gift before the wedding day itself? On the wedding day, the bride and the groom might be busy with other preparations like the ceremony itself, that your gift might find getting less or no attention at all. There are also higher chances for your gift getting misplaced amidst all the wedding rush and roar. That is why it is always advised to send the wedding gifts ahead of the wedding day to convey your good wishes and regards to the newlyweds. And on the wedding day, you can just as well gift them a bouquet to avoid entering the venue empty-handed and face the awkwardness.
  3. No Need To Spend Far And Beyond Your Budget – Price tag has got nothing to do with the way you convey your wishes to the newlyweds. So afford what you can within a set budget. Spending extravagantly on some ladies bag for the bride or grooming kit for the groom won’t make much of a difference. But make sure to avoid cash casually putting and sending it to the newlyweds as they may end up mistakenly taking your gifting gesture as an insult. You do your part of gift something thoughtful in your budget, rest everything will fall into place.
  4. Send The Wedding Gift To The Bride’s Place – If you are choosing to get the wedding gift delivered then make sure to get it always delivered at the bride’s place or the residence address mentioned over the invite. There are fewer chances of the wedding gift-getting misplaced and higher chances of it getting acknowledged. If passing them some wedding gift, at that point of time won’t be feasible by you, then feel free to send by the newlyweds some time to meet up in their place in future. Not a problem at all!
  5. Get Acknowledgement From The Bride And Groom – If the newlyweds have received your gift of good wishes, regards and love, then there are 90% chances of them writing you a thank you note back out of general courtesy. They can even forget that, but you can always go ahead and ask whether or not they received it and liked it, after some time.