The Best Praise Kink Phrases In 2023

The Best Praise Kink Phrases
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The Top Praise Kink Phrases for 2023

If you haven’t, read our article on the Praise Kink (also known as affirmation play and a good boy kink).

You might be experimenting with praise and fetish, but you must verify it.

Perhaps you are already an expert in praise kink but want to learn new phrases to keep the magic alive.

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The Best Praise Kink Phrases

These 25 phrases will satisfy your praiser/praise needs.

  1. Who is my good boy/girl/person
  2. Excellent job, little boy/girl/person. Keep up the good work.
  3. You are so proud of me. Who taught you that?
  4. How do you become so proficient at [insert action]?
  5. The perfect [body part]
  6. I have been thinking all day about your sweet [body]
  7. My [body part] drives crazy
  8. It’s evident that I melt every time I see you in this.
  9. I love your [do something]
  10. I’m proud to call you
  11. You are a great listener.
  12. It’s so wonderful to feel this good.
  13. It was like that. How did you achieve such perfection?
  14. I idolize you. Everything you do, I revere.
  15. You are a wonderful person.
  16. You are my queen/king. You are my king/queen.
  17. I would love to be your little boy/girl.
  18. You’re doing so well
  19. I will show you off
  20. I can
  21. Everybody will see that you are mine
  22. Did you know that you are mine all the time?
  23. I can’t wait for you to get on my arm and show off your beauty.
  24. I consider you my friend and will show you to everyone
  25. How did you become so skilled at [something]? ]
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