The 5 Useful Benefits of Rhinoplasty

The 5 Useful Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is a type of cosmetic surgical procedure. We usually think of it as a way for someone to change their nose in the belief that this could improve their appearance. However, rhinoplasty can also be a reconstructive procedure for correcting certain issues.

Wondering about the various benefits of rhinoplasty?

There are several. But let’s look at the most common ones below: 


  1. Improvement In Breathing

Many people schedule rhinoplasty procedures because of structural issues with their noses. Such issues make it hard to breathe through their nasal cavity, which can cause a lot of problems. 

Among the most common reasons for such a procedure is a deviated septum. This refers to the bone between the two nasal passages. If this bone is crooked or malformed, one of the passages could be much smaller than the other. Some cases might have one passageway completely blocked. 

Other than breathing issues, a deviated septum will also increase the chances of sinus infections. Nosebleeds are also more common with this health issue. So, it’s probably best to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure as soon as possible.  


  1. Fixing A Broken Nose


Since the nose sticks out from our face, it’s also the part that’s most vulnerable in case of an accident. Falling from a high place, crashing into an obstacle, or even getting hit by a door can break a nose. 

Fortunately, a rhinoplasty can mean that our nose can get back to normal after an accident. Such a procedure can also fix the deformities that might result from such an injury. It’s best to consult a Dallas rhinoplasty doctor right away in these cases. 

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  1. Dealing With Sinus Problems

If we suffer from the symptoms of chronic sinusitis, rhinoplasty could significantly improve the quality of our lives. Chronic sinusitis is also called sinus inflammation. It occurs when there’s a blockage in this body part. The result of the blockage is that fluid fills the sinuses and gets infected through attracting bacteria. 

While chronic sinusitis is quite a  serious issue, it’s not untreatable. With a successful rhinoplasty, you can do away with chronic sinusitis and also keep it from recurring. The surgeon will check to see if there are any nasal structural problems and fix them accordingly. 


  1. Correcting Malformations

Some babies are born with certain birth defects in their nose. A rhinoplasty procedure can help to remove or fix these malformations, which might otherwise stay with the child forever. 

This sort of corrective surgery isn’t just for improving one’s appearance but will also help them breathe properly. Without the procedure, children might have trouble inhaling through their nose, which could increase the chances of SIDS, asthma, etc. 


  1. Reduction In Snoring

Snoring might sound like a funny problem. But it can become quite serious for many folks. In fact, many couples might face problems due to this issue. Plus, snoring does have various health risks. That’s why it’s wise to treat this issue.

Couples might even separate their bedrooms due to the issue of snoring. All of this is not necessary, as one can aim to get reconstructive surgery on their nose and fix the problem. As deviated septum might be the issue here, you can deal with the matter quite simply. 

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The Takeaway

We may think of rhinoplasty as a cosmetic procedure and it might be true in many cases. However, this procedure does have several medical benefits that could vastly improve our lives. Take a second look at the upsides of such a procedure and see if they apply to you or someone you know. 



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