Signs your marriage is over

Looking for signs your marriage is over? Or to know the things you will see in your marriage and you will that the marriage has really damage and may not be repair or fix back again. If the reason why you are here is to learn about those things that shows when a marriage is over. Then relax for you are in the right place to learn about all that and understand it all well. So without saying much about this let me quickly tell you those things that show it over on a particular marriage.

Signs your marriage is over 

He/ She Spends more of the time together with your kids Than You

If you find yourself spending plenty more time together with your children than you do with your partner, it is also a very good  signal which you that is telling you that the marriage is having a big problem. Because you are indirectly learning how you can be a single parents when your partner is still with you and it is not good to be seen in a marriage.

You hardly kiss with your partner.

If it has been long that you remember kissing with your partner, that is also a sign telling that there is no more joy or happiness again in that marriage. Because kissing is also a way of showing love and affection towards your partner, and is only when you are losing interest in your partner, will you stop kissing and loving each other.

“signs your marriage is over”

Lack of attention and concern

If you no longer care or bother to give each other attention and concern again. It shows that something is wrong, because if your partner is worried or troubled and you don’t seems to be bother or see it as your own problem too. That show the union between you two is over.

Both of you spend more time with friends and people around.

Are you two finding it hard to spend more time with each other but instead prefer to spend more time with people out there. It is a very big warning sign that the union is over between the both of you. How an couples who are lover is no more happy staying together again with more another. Or how can you two not find happiness in each other again. It not good and shows that the marriage is over.

You now finds it hard to agree with each other.

YES if both of you never agree to each other again on anything. If you finds it hard to take a decision together as one, then something is wrong and it is very bad to see couples struggling or not agreeing on anything or always quarreling instead of agreeing on something.

“signs your marriage is over”

You no longer inform your partner first about anything that happened to you.

No matter what happen to you weather good or bad you don’t inform your partner about it first or you don’t even tell your partner about it. That same this goes to your partner he or she never inform you first or even tell you about it. Unless you find out about something yourself, your partner can never tell you. It is also a sign that shows your union is over.

You’re not Doing “Your” activities together

If both of you no longer do things together as partners. Like if you notice that all the activities you do together with your partner that you no longer do them again. It is also a sure sign to tell you that things has changed in your marriage and is no longer what you think it was before. As couples both of you should have things that you do in common as husband and wife.

You don’t know each other activities again and never bother to know.

if you can’t give any account again about your partner and his or her activities again and it no longer even bother you or your partner to know about each other activities. That is not good and a bad sign that shows that both of you have lost interest in each other and no lover show care and concern again.

Lack of understanding.

If  both of you now finds  it hard to understand one another and the reason behind each other actions, that is a bad sign that shows your union is over or ruined. Couples should always try to understand and have the same thought about something with each other and not the other way round. Having misunderstanding always in a marriage does not say good about that marriage because as lovers you should always stand to love and understand each other.


Finally on signs your marriage is over, i want you to bear in mind that if any marriage is no more what we think and know about it. Or if you look at your marriage and notice that YES you are with your partner, living under the same roof with each other but you still feel as if you are single and have no one to talk to. That means that you marriage is really over and may not be fix if care is not taken. So the things about are things you will see in a marriage and you will know that the marriage is really over. Although there are many other things but this are the major ones . If you still have another contributions on this let us know through the comment box.