Sure Neglected Leaves That Cure Cancer

Sure Neglected Leaves That Cure Cancer


I know you are eager to see these wonderful leaves that cure cancer, yes they cure it and also prevent it, but mostly for those that have malignant neoplastic disease and thinking of how to get rid of these killer disease and not financially buoyant, these leaves is also much better than those chemotherapy and cytotoxic drugs medication that changes tongue to black colour, loss of hair and various skin changes. This cure has no side effect and cheaper your only homework is to find the leaves required for the cure, I call this the herbal therapy.


AFRICAN STAR APPLE LEAVES. The fruit of these leaves contains vitamin C, carbohydrates, flavonoids, proteins, resin and terpenoids. Inside of the fruit has a sweet sour taste and also reddish brown in color, it has natural source of anti-oxidant booster to remove free radicals from oxidation stress disorders. African star apple can be found in Western Africa mostly Nigeria and Ghana. Its leaves can cure mouth gum disease, sour throat, yellow fever, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and lower blood sugar but with this combine use of the leaves below it can cure cancer.

GUAVA LEAVES cure cancer

GUAVA LEAVES. Guava leaves are among others that have high medicinal nutrients that treat chronic diseases; it’s just as the fruits, they contain tannins, antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It’s not only for cancer but cures other numerous problems like, diabetes, obesity, cholera and high cholesterol. Guava can be brewed to make tea, also to make jam and other foods; they are full of substances like vitamin C and flavonoids like quercetin. So many extra health benefits of these leaves which includes, protects liver, reduces pain, treats cough and cold, prevents hair loss, promotes good oral health, keeps skin young and glowing, cures acne, relieves itchy skin, boosts immunity, treats dengue fever. Good for the brain and improves quality of sleep.

SOURSOP LEAVES cure cancer

SOURSOP LEAVES. Its fruit has a great delicious taste, the leaves has awesome benefits to the body. Soursop plant can be located South African, South-east Asian and other few African countries. The leaves are broad and evergreen, flowery plant with large prickly green coloured fruit with its botanical or scientific name as Annona muricata or commonly known as Guanabana. Soursop is extremely rich in medical properties including all parts of the plant, the fruit, the root, the leaves and the bark of the tree are all blessed with medicinal values, most especially in all these it treats a number of health problems apart from cancer and benefits like, virus and bacterial infection, diabetes, ulcer, boosts immune, treats boils, rheumatism and gout, helps in treatment of anxiety and depression, healthy hair, hypertension, treating blood disorders, lowers body temperature, treats sleeplessness and smoothens the skin.

BITTER KOLA cure cancer 1

BITTER KOLA. This nut can also be called Garcinia Kola which belongs  to the Clusiaceae or Guttiferae family of the flowering plant species, it has an ellipsoid shape with brown and very light material covering the seed, it is bitter of course which is derived from the name. It is known by the African culture for both medicinal and traditional purposes. The natural habitat is the subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, these nuts can be located in Ivory Coast, Cameroon, DR Congo, Benin, Gabon, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana and Nigeria. For the health benefits it’s enormous including, serves as anti-poison, Treats malaria, amazing lungs function, weight loss, glaucoma, male fertility, osteoarthritis, can repel spiritual deeds that is why is recognized in the African tradition, used as chewing stick, throat infections, bronchitis, head or chest colds and cough.

How They Can Be Used to cure cancer

All this leaves and nut, is to be applied in a particular way for accurate, with is the dosage.

  • 7 leaves of African star apple
  • 7 leaves of Guava
  • 7 leaves of Soursop
  • 2 balls of Bitter kola

This entire amount is to be cooked at a time, when it’s finished this same measurement is to be collected and cooked again, not to be exceeded please to prevent over dose effect. After cooking take a glass of the drink morning and night, that means two glasses daily. Don’t forget that the balls of the kola are to be cut into two or three. Note that although specialists warned against usage of Soursop to fight cancer, but the combination of these leaves especially the bitter kola neutralizes any harm or effect it may cause. Remember Your Life Your Wealth.