5 Elements to Look for in a Suit

Suit Yourself: 5 Elements to Look for in a Suit

It’s easy to get lost in the world of fashion – particularly, of men’s suits. You don’t always need to wear such garments. Often, button-downs and a pair of slacks are enough to make yourself look presentable. However, there are times when an occasion calls for an extravagant suit. That’s when you panic because you have no idea in which outfit you would seem the best. Here are five things to look for in a suit to become one of the most dashing men in an event.

The Cut

Most people think that only women fret over fashion because of personal preferences. Another factor that comes to play for ladies to be picky over clothing is their body proportions. Some dresses wouldn’t look as flattering on an athletic build as they do on an hourglass body type, and vice versa. The same logic applies to men. Some males have short builds, while others have longer bodies. Meanwhile, some men have a round physique. These three body types require specific details on their suits to allow them to look proportionate.

The Tailoring

Because a men’s suit is often pricier than your casual clothing, it’s normal to want to get your money’s worth. Of course, you would want your suit to be of high quality – something that wouldn’t wear down after one use. Often, the quality of such a garment is dependent on the tailoring. When looking for a tuxedo or a three-piece, consider checking the kind of sewing done on the fabric. Shops like Oxford pride themselves with their outstanding tailoring services.

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The Ingredient

Another thing to note when buying suits is the material used by the boutique. If you’re sparing a bit of cash for this purchase, you might get the finest suit available. And “finest” means being made out of wool. Wool is the best material for men’s suits, as it has several favourable characteristics. It makes you feel warm due to its insulation properties but doesn’t suffocate you with heat as it releases moisture quickly. Wools are also flame-resistant and not prone to wear and tear. Another benefit is it is dirt-resistant and doesn’t need as much cleaning as regular clothes do.

The Trend

Some men don’t like suits because they think that it adds age to them. However, that’s an entirely avoidable cause. You just need to choose outfits that keep up with today’s fashion fads. It can refer to either the trending cuts or modern patterns. Checkered and coloured suits are simple yet stylish garments that present you as professional and youthful. However, following fashion craze doesn’t mean having the same jacket as the twenty other men in the room. Be trendy yet unique.

The Occasion

Of course, you also have to consider if your chosen suit is appropriate for the event. You can’t wear heavy-woollen jackets on a beach wedding as it requires lightweight clothing. Likewise, you can’t wear lightweight suits during winter events because it wouldn’t keep you warm. Besides these, you also have to note how formal the party is, which colours are required, and which themes are being followed.

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It may seem a lot. However, don’t be so overwhelmed. Some shops offer just the right suit for you. When you see yourself wearing it, you’d know it’s the one.

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