Styku Body Scan,How To & How much

Welcome to this site once again. If you are interested in knowing everything about styku 3D body scanner and how it works, including the price and other things that follows, kindly go through this write-up as it is designed mainly to talk more on styku and other things around it. We believe that you will get satisfied after reading it. Thank you.


What is Styku body scan?

Styku is an objective way to measure yourself as you progress towards towards your health and fitness goal, and it is honest too.

Basically, while trying to loose weight and maintain you fitness, you always look forward to see results at all cost, to know if you are progressing or not. Styku stands as an object which you can use to achieve that.

Styku is truth, and as they say” truth is power” styku gives you an accurate, precise and complete presentation of physical assessment data than others.

Styku is a sophisticated 3D scanning mechanism that do not only collects and displays level of fitness in traditional numerical terms but also through stunning 3 -dimensions modelling.

Informations pertaining to the changes in you body shape, measurements data, body composition are processed and displayed so you can see the changes your self. And you will see it exactly how others will see it too.


How To Do styku 

Get a tape measure, painful calipers and hand held analyzers of questionable accuracy, and place all by styku. Remember, styku is fast and invasive. 

All you have to do is to stand on the styku turntable(relaxed and face forward with your arm slightly extended)  hold still for 30 minutes while  the platform revolves. Styku captures millions of data points and 600 infrared images. When it must have finished revolving, styku will then gives an accurate 3D model of you that is viewable from a variety of  perspective. You can then rotate, zoom to see real progress. This is a honest way to measurements yourself as you work towards maintaining a good fitness and healthy.


How much is a Styku 3D body scanner?

Whether you are a doctor, fitness professional or even a tailor. With the use of styku technology, you can extract your key body shape and measurements relevant to your industry.


The price of styku 3D body scanner depends on your location, the price you get it from this part might not be the same as the other side, what matters is to get the original one.


Styku Body Scan,How To & How much

How to know original styku

Styku has these features

  • A turnable for you to stand on, and programmed to accept a maximum weight of 250kg
  • Infrared 3D camera. The 3D sensor camera is powerful to the extent that it can extract millions of data point in less than a minute.
  • A lightweight aluminum protector for the 4D camera.


Requirements for a computer system.

  • 64 bit dual-core with 3.1 GHz processor or faster
  • A4 gigaBite RAM
  • Direct X 11 graphics card with atleast 1G of vedio memory dedicated
  • Dedicated USB 3.0 superspeed bus and supported chipset
  • Windows 8.1 or above OS


How accurate is Styku for body fat?

Studies has found that styku is around 94% accuracy for women and also around 92% accuracy for men

Styku 3D body scanner has a robust calculation system. It uses phoenix algorithm by benchmarking from a DEXA scanning machine.

It completely removes human measurements and calculation errors according to studies.

The manufacturer carried out hundreds of DEXA and styku lassa scans, found the external body landmark that were best at predicting results and they built the phoenix system to calculate from those.

You can see that, with all that gave said so far, you can be able to tell that styku technology is going to become even more relevant in the coming years, since it gives accurate results.

We are hoping that soon, the government would purchase this scanner, and we will build a center where people can come and control their fitness through it, for a healthy lifestyle.


How much is a Styku?

Like I said before, the price of styku depends on your location. And for some reason, the company did not indicate the prize, but previously the price was about $6,500, so it might be higher or lesser by now. But the good news is that it is payable through 3-installment, which means that, you can pay 3-times. Available for a limited time. Styku offers flexible payment to help people.

Styku Body Scan,How To & How much

What do you wear to a Styku?

Dress code for styku ois simple but there are some clothes you will wear and it will give you a wrong calculations. 


What to wear for styku

  • Sports bra
  • Form fitting tight
  • Underwear
  • Form fitting swimmer
  • Leggings

What not to wear

  • Loose fitting sports bra
  • Loose fitting clothes
  • Stocks but optional

Socks is under probability, but for a better results, remove it or you wear a light color socks 


For men

  • Bike shorts
  • Brief boxer
  • No shirt


The folds and too much space from your baggy shorts and shirts can cause an inaccurate results because it will make changes to your body.

That is why you are asked to wear a fitting clothes for a proper checkup.


How do you use Styku?

After putting on your fitting clothes, you need to remove your shoes, hats, socks and for women, you need to tie your long hair if you have. Stand on it and face forward. Don’t forget to remove your jewelry. Be sure to hold still and keep your head straight.  Hold the position for 30 seconds as the scanner’s turntable revolves you, the turnable stopped automatically when completed and your results are processed immediately. After the revolving, you can turn and check your results.


In conclusion

Styku 3D body scanner technology is a powerful and most accurate among all similar technology. It gives an immediate results and accurate one just as you expected it. But if you go contrary to the rules guilding it which is the dress code and position, it will not give you an accurate results because it doesn’t read under clothes

Maintain a good position skills and code of dressing, and I bet you, you shall be happy at the end.

Your lifestyle and fitness is always our concern. Styku technology is one in a million.