Strike Force Heroes Unblocked Games 66, 76, 77, 67 No Flash

Strike Force Heroes Unblocked Games
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Strike Force Heroes is an unblocked version of a classic arcade game that uses modern technology. This Flash game is strong and popular. It combines high action with fantasy. You can fight in the forest, on fast trains, and in falling airplanes. Your army will be equipped with various weapons, talents, and upgrades, and you can even build it! Strike Force Heroes is completely redesigned. It features animated cutscenes and full media expansion. There are also new loot systems and replay opportunities. All this in a split screen 4/co-op environment. To customize your quest, upgrade to four different classes and get access to more than 65 weapons, abilities, talents, and skills. You can either create a story campaign or a fast-paced, bespoke game to relieve stress. You can put your skills to the test as an unlimited army by taking on this challenge.

Strike Force Heroes Unblocked Games Where To Play

Strike Force Heroes, an unblocked action game, is a great choice. It’s a lot of fun and one of the best. You can play it on your smartphone or tablet at school, or at home. Many players consider it their favorite game. We hope you enjoy it.

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Strike Force Heroes: Unblocked Game And How To Play

There are many hacks for the game:

  1. All campaign missions are unlockable
  2. All soldiers at the highest rank available should be made
  3. Get infinite money

These controls are slightly different from the ones used for first-person shooters. Jumping is done with the W key, S for crouching, and E or CTRL for Killstreak. Shoot with your mouse, and Reload with your R key.

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