Stress Management Over The Age Of 40: What Should Women Always Pay Attention To

You are turning 40 and you can’t believe it. yesterday you were young and probably you have been young doing all these years. Your brain is confused, because your feelings do not match with aging and the standards of society about 40s. But let’s discuss what happens to our body and brain, and why we feel worried  about aging and the ways to manage stress.


It’s not only your perception of the world, after 40 there are real changes in your body such as:


Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance happens because you are experiencing  perimenopause. It begins in the years prior to Menopause when your hormones begin to change and your periods become irregular. This often begins when you’re in your 40s.

During the perimenopause your hormones need to find a new balance. Your body changes because your ovaries produce not enough estrogen hormone. These changes can be pretty bothersome. During the period before the Menopause you might have physical as well as psychological complaints.


Common physical complaints are:

  • Irregular menstrual periods
  • Hot flashes that can last from few seconds up to minutes
  • Heavy sweating
  • Muscle aches
  • Heart palpitations
  • Head aches
  • The vagina becomes dryer
  • Less sexual drive and libido loss.



keep a healthy lifestyle when you are in your 20s. Try not to use much alcohol and caffeine in your daily routine. Do some physical activities and make it a life long lasting habit. Don’t forget about drinking lots of water. There are hundreds of natural products, herbs that will keep your hormones in balance.


Metabolism Problems

Our metabolic system does not operate as well when we hit our 40s. It’s harder to metabolize nutrients from food, which can cause high glucose level in the blood. We are losing muscle mass because the anabolic process gets slower as we get older.



  • keep active physical life and exercise
  • balance your diet and avoid sugar
  • practice healthy sleep
  • avoid negative things



Stress is our body’s natural reaction to things in life that demand our action. It comes from the event or even a thought that we feel anxious, nervous and angry about.

Here is how our body responses to stress:


  • increased heartbeat
  • heightened muscle preparedness/tension
  • high blood pressure
  • rapid breathing
  • digestive system problems
  • weakened Immune system 
  • poor quality of sleep
  • increase in cortisol production (stress hormone)



you have probably heard that all the diseases come from the stress. Use natural herbs and seeds in your daily diet, practice yoga or another physical activity. Find your relaxation points and take care about yourself and your feelings!


Avoiding community

As we age, we face problems with vision, hearing, and memory. And when this all happens we try to hide everything and become less communicative. This is a crucial mistake!



What we need to do is to accept the condition and respect our ages. A warm relationship reduces stress which itself can reduce numerous symptoms of aging. It heals our mental and physical condition.


 In conclusion

All these methods would help you to fight against the bad symptoms of aging. But don’t forget that there are many beautiful changes. We become more precious with age, we may feel high sex drive. We would feel more self confident and financially independent. But the most important thing is to take care of our body and mind not when we would have problems, but when we are still young and full of energy to change the world.