Stages of Love in a Relationship

Stages of Love in a Relationship
Stages of Love in a Relationship

For love to actually mature to it’s fullness, there are processes or stages that the love needs to undergo. Any love that lacks this process, the love may not be genuine. In fact the truth is that you must not stop at any of these stages of love unless you reach to the last stage, where love is actually situated. “Stages of Love in a Relationship”

What pains the most is that many people find themselves in either of these stages but not at last stage, celebrating sin and evil to the full. These set of people strictly believe that life cannot be enjoyed without sex.

Here are the stages of love in a relationship.



Attraction is the action or power of attracting somebody or something. And according to dictionary, it says that it is that which causes someone to have interest, pleasure, and affection towards someone or something. Love is life and life is love so it needs to be taken with all carefulness in order to avoid endangering that life. Love begins to take shape when began to be interested in somebody or something. Then gradually you begin to appreciate the person and you will like to admire the person’s action, manner, mood, ways, neatness and every other thing about the person. Without even letting the person know about what is happening to you. Note never you make mistake of confusing love with feelings, crush and infatuation. Feelings come and go while love stays always.



It is defined as the tender feeling of pity, romantic, love which may be exaggerated or wrongly directed. It is the second stage of love where concerns, tender feelings of pity and imagination that are wrongly executed are situated if further steps are not taken. Sentiment is more forceful than attraction and it develop once you start to feel pity and concern for any person you are attracted to.

Signs of sentiment:

  1. You will start to be intimate with the person, remember and watch your step.
  2. Imaginations about the person will fill your mind.
  3. You start to feel pity about the person to the extent of defending the person in wrong things.
  4. You may start being loose with the person but always be wise.
  5. The urge to stay together in a lonely and close place increases.



This is the third stage of love and it’s the strong feeling of any kind, excitement or disturbance of feelings. You can say that sentiment and emotions are the same thing but No’ they are not rather they have similar qualities, but emotions is stronger and more forceful. In emotions, the two persons must have come in contact with each other and there will be exchange of gift, cards, and feelings. Intimacy is not as such encourage here for the fire already burning inside the two is too much any closeness may let it loose.

Characteristics of emotion:

  1. Kissing
  2. Hugging and massaging of the body
  3. Yearning to stay together
  4. Dissolution of discussion once an intruder comes in
  5. Body contact is easily experienced
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“Stages of Love in a Relationship”


This is the last stage before the actual love takes place. According to dictionary, it defines it as the strong feelings; example of great enthusiasm for enjoyment of something. When one begins to sympathize with one’s partner I such a way that one is almost at the verge of doing anything whatever good or bad just for the sake of the other. It also the period of brain washing in the sense that , it is the time when one’s decision is seriously hurt and any further welcome of sympathy done whether outside or inside marriage . One who overcomes this stage is surely going to experience this treasure, love we talk about. Furthermore passion is a great action or activity that sets the whole of your body into responding to external stimulus. Genuine love is nothing intense rather cool, gentle. Intense means severe or extreme, and anything that goes to this length should be abhorred completely

stages of love in a relationship

One may ask, how can one pass through all this without committing oneself? It is by adhering to your already made value of NO to sex or self abuse and also being careful as not to fall into it. GOD made it like that so that you will appreciate love when it finally comes.

Characteristics of passion:

  1. The period of excess sexual urge for somebody one is attracted to.
  2. Sex of any kind and anyhow.
  3. Caressing cuddling , sucking, sexual thoughts and romance in general.
  4. Highly sexual parked discussion before the romancing in general.
  5. Unreasonable body movement.
  6. Change of voice.
  7. Sexy eye.
  8. Masturbation and phone sex happen in this stage if care is not taken.
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This actually the stages of love and when this stage comes then you will sincerely desire that person, wanting to stay with the person and most explicitly, praying for both spiritual and physical development of the person i hope stages of love in a relationship help you.

“Stages of Love in a Relationship”

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