Spotlight On Professional Teeth Whitening

Spotlight on professional teeth whitening

The craze for aesthetic treatments has never been so present and teeth are no exception. White teeth positively influence how you feel about a person and are seen as a sign of health and youth. No technique equals professional dental whitening in a dental office to achieve significant, predictable and risk-limiting results.You can check Dental Centre Turkey for affordable teeth whitening.



The natural shade of a tooth is not white like in advertisements. Teeth are naturally more or less dark in color, tending towards yellow, orange, gray or brown. In addition, different habits such as drinking tea, coffee, red wine or colored foods can change the color of the teeth. Smoking also plays an unfavorable role in staining teeth. Poor dental hygiene also results in plaque or tartar deposits which may be darker than the natural color of the tooth. Teeth with their natural color compared with white teeth after treatment


Teeth whitening is done using hydrogen peroxide or carbamide which, on contact with the tooth, releases oxygen which penetrates the enamel of the tooth and causes colored particles to escape.



The different natural pigments of teeth The results of a whitening treatment are difficult to predict because we work with the natural pigments of the teeth. All teeth whiten during a whitening treatment, but the result may be more or less important depending on different factors:


  • The color of the teeth: teeth whose color is more yellow whiten better than teeth whose color is more grayish;
  • The presence of restorations (fillings, bridges, crowns, prostheses): only natural enamel whitens. Dental restorations do not whiten and may become more noticeable following bleaching;
  • The roots exposed by the loosening of the gums are not covered with enamel and therefore do not whiten;
  • The concentration of the product used and the duration of the treatment: the higher these two values, the greater the intensity of the bleaching;
  • The rigor of the treatment: it is important to follow the instructions to the letter and to do the treatment continuously to obtain the best possible result.
  • Touch-ups are recommended periodically to maintain the whiteness obtained. Without retouching, yellowing of the teeth can be observed after 2 to 3 years.
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Spotlight on professional teeth whitening


  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women;
  • Children or adolescents under 16;
  • People who are doing orthodontic treatment;
  • People who have restorations on their front teeth that they don’t plan to have replaced.



  • Tooth sensitivity: During the time the treatment is being performed, it is possible to feel sensitivity to the cold on the teeth because the treatment “opens the pores” of the tooth which let in the cold. This pain will go away within 2 weeks after stopping treatment.


  • Dietary restrictions: colored foods must be avoided at all costs during the treatment (coffee, tea, red wine, curry, colored candies) because they can penetrate the small “pores” created by the peroxide and hinder the success of the treatment.


  • The unpredictability of the result: Since you are working with the natural pigments of the human body, the end result is difficult to predict. Some teeth may whiten more than others and small white spots may become more noticeable.


  • Discomfort in the gums or mucous membranes: Hydrogen peroxide is very irritating to the mucous membranes. If a small amount accidentally comes in contact with the gum tissue, burning and pain may occur. By following the instructions of your dentist, you will minimize the risks at this level.



Dental check-up performed by the dentist before treatment Teeth whitening is an effective treatment, but it must be done safely and under the supervision of a dentist to avoid unpleasant surprises and small accidents! It is essential to do a dental examination prior to treatment so as not to apply the peroxide to teeth or gums that present with disease. This could greatly worsen an existing problem. Also, the dentist can check the presence of restorations on the front teeth that will not whiten and inform you of the risk of an unsightly result. He will be able to inform you about the uniformity and the degree of whitening anticipated according to the shade of your teeth. Finally, the hygienist will be able to descale and remove stains from your teeth to ensure that the product can be in contact with the entire surface of your teeth.

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