Solutions For The Most Common Marriage Problems

Marriage can be great for several different reasons. It can make you feel more satisfied with your life and also offers support that can improve your well-being. However, every marriage runs into problems along the way. While each marriage is unique, there are some problems that are more likely to strain your relationship with your spouse. 

Let’s look at the most common marital problems and potential solutions. 


Money can be stressful for individuals and couples alike. You may not even agree with your spouse on the best way to use the money that you have. This can cause conflicts between partners that can cause strain on the connection you have. 

A lot of the time, conflicts regarding money and budgets are actually conflicts about power or differing needs. This could mean that you want to do something different with the money than your wife or that both of you want some control over the finances. 

Furthermore, financial stress can make conflict more likely in all aspects of your life and marriage. You may find that the stress causes you to fight and argue about things you normally wouldn’t care too much about. You may also find that you are less patient with them and become irritable or even aggressive. This can make the problems worse and cause a rift between you and your romantic partner.

Taking care of your finances and communicating your financial desires and stressors can go a long way towards easing the conflict in your relationship. Try to meet on the same page or come to reasonable compromises when you do not agree about financial or budgetary issues. 


Children can bring a lot of positivity into your life, but they can also be very stressful and reduce the time you can spend with your spouse alone. It also changes roles in the family and parenting can also be a point of conflict because each partner may have different ideas about the best way to foster the child’s growth and how to effectively punish poor behavior. All of this can potentially put a strain on your marriage. 

Make sure to carve out time from your busy schedule to spend with your partner. This alone time can go a long way towards easing the stress that children can bring into a marriage. You may also want to communicate your parenting strategies with your partner. Try not to do anything drastic for the child without talking to your spouse first. 


Normal stress can also be a problem in relationships. The stress does not have to have anything to do with your spouse in order to make problems worse or even to create new problems in the marriage. Stress can make us more irritable and impatient. It can also make it more difficult to deal with conflict when it inevitably arises in the relationship. Regardless of what it is causing the stress, it is best to try to find a solution because life can be stressful no matter what you do. 

Learning how to deal with your stress can be very helpful. You may find that mindfulness meditation or other stress-reduction strategies helps a lot. Be sure to find something that works for you and encourage your spouse to learn how to manage stress as well. 

Solutions For The Most Common Marriage Problems


There is a good chance that either you, your spouse, or both of you have to work to make ends meet and be comfortable. However, working too much can cause some issues as well. This is because more work may increase your stress levels and reduce the amount of time that you spend together. 

You may find that working less actually puts less of a strain on your marriage and reduces stress despite having a little less income. However, you still need to find a balance that works for your marriage. What this balance is depends on a lot of factors in each unique relationship. 


Communication is crucial for the success or failure of a marriage. Poor communication can make it difficult to work as a team or to come up with solutions to any conflicts or problems that you face in the marriage. In fact, negative communication is one of the biggest problems in any relationship. Working on your communication skills can go a long way.

Couple’s counseling and therapy can be a great way to improve the communication in your relationship. It can also help in several other ways that you may find helps you to improve your relationship in almost every way. BetterHelp has qualified therapists that can help you improve your communication skills and help you ease the problems with your spouse. Plus, you can speak with these therapists from the comfort of your own home. 

One tip is to use “I” statements instead of “you” statements. This means that instead of saying, “You hurt my feelings,” you would say something like, “I felt disappointed when you said…”


Bad habits can also cause strain on a relationship because they can lead us to disregard the changes in the couple as individuals and partners. This can lead the relationship to become mundane and stuck in a rut. It is important to stop those negative patterns in their tracks. You may find that you have become less generous or that you do not have the enthusiasm that you used to have with your spouse. 

Communication, again, is helpful with this. However, you can also try to identify your own instances of laziness or unappreciative behaviors. Once you identify them, then the effort to fix them can go a long way. 

Sex Drive

Low sex drive can cause a lot of stress in a romantic relationship. This can be caused by several different factors. Poor self-image can make it unlikely that you want to be affectionate with your spouse. You may even find that you become uncomfortable during intimate activities, either physically or mentally. 

Sometimes mental health conditions like depression can contribute to low sex drive. You may also find that lack of intimacy can stem from many of the other common problems like a lack of free time or a feeling of exhaustion caused by children or work. 

Try to be open and honest in order to communicate the reasons that you are not in the mood. This can help to ease some of the problem. Also, try to ensure that you have some alone time together every week, whether it is used for intimacy or not. 


Marriage can be great. In fact, it can boost your overall health and well-being. However, there are problems that can put a strain on your happy relationship with your spouse. It is important to address these issues as soon as possible in order to find solutions that work for both partners. Reducing your own stress level and encouraging honest and open communication can go a long way toward mending the rifts in the marriage.