Is it better to sleep without a pillow? is a question that we have often come across. So what’s the answer to this question? Is it a yes or is it a no? We will have a detailed overview of this and you will come to know whether sleeping without a pillow is beneficial or not.

Most of us have been using a pillow while sleeping and without it, we can’t imagine a comfortable and proper sleep so how do we cope with this now. No need to worry about anything just keep on reading the complete post and you will figure it out.


Sleeping Without a Pillow: Is it Beneficial for Your Health?

Sleeping Without a Pillow

Should I stop using a pillow while sleeping?

Sleeping without a pillow is good for the back sleepers as it keeps the spinal cord straight and maintains a perfect posture for the body. Pillow is also good in this position as it maintains a good posture of the body and the neck regulates with the rest of the body nicely. In the back position, sleeping with a pillow is more beneficial.

Same way, it is beneficial to sleep with a pillow in the side position.

It is good to sleep without a pillow for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleeping lays the weight of the body in the middle and puts your spinal cord in an uneven position which is not at all good.

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When you stop using a pillow in the stomach sleeping position then your head will lay at the same level as your body which is a more comfortable and better posture than using a pillow while stomach sleeping.

So, the takeaway is to sleep without a pillow only in the stomach position.

Sleeping Without a Pillow

How does it help in removing neck pain?

Yes, if you are having neck pain then the probable reason behind that is the high level of the pillow. If your pillow is too high then it will cause a strain in your neck and for this, you have to stop using the high pillow and start using a soft and low-level pillow that is more comfortable.

Removing the pillow altogether can also help as the body posture will get straight in the back sleep position.

Stomach sleepers can also benefit in removing the neck pain without using a pillow as the extra extending of the neck on the side won’t happen. When you sleep on the stomach, your head turns to the left or right and this leads to extending the neck on the side.

Removing the pillow will end the extension of the neck to the side so no chance of pain in the neck.

The same way, side sleepers can also benefit from this.

Ask your doctor about their opinion on removing the pillow to reduce the neck pain and follow their advice as suggestions differ based on the medical condition from people to people.

Prevents Acne, Pimples, and Wrinkles

One of the good advantages of sleeping without a pillow is for the side sleepers. Bacteria are found on pillows and so when side sleepers sleep, they lay their side face on the pillow and it results in acne and pimples. Wrinkles are also formed on the face due to pressure on your head on one side. So, beneficial if you want to get rid of the problem of pimples, acne, and wrinkles.

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Though, pimples and acne can be caused by other reasons too so it would be better if you consult a skin doctor and ask him if removing the pillow while sleeping can help in your case or not.

Bone Alignment will be better

Sleeping without a pillow will make the bone alignment better. It will give a good shape to your body posture and it is helpful.

How to start getting comfortable sleeping without a pillow?

Now, if you have always used a pillow while sleeping since childhood then it will be a tough time getting comfortable sleeping without it. It shouldn’t be a drastic change but you should gradually decrease using a pillow.

Use a lower-level thing than your pillow to lay your head. You can use a towel or sleep on a folded blanket. Do this for 2-4 days and see if you are comfortable sleeping with such a low-level thing as compared to your pillow.

If you are comfortable with it then you can now go for removing any support for your head and see how it works for you. If you are comfortable then well and good and if you are not then start using the pillow again as it is completely fine and good to use a pillow.

Also, it is very important to have the right mattress for your bed; not too soft and not too hard.

So, here was an overview of sleeping without a pillow. Remember to sleep without a pillow in only the stomach sleeping position, it is good to sleep with a soft pillow in the back and side position as it regulates the neck and overall body posture in a proper way.

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