signs your marriage is good

Signs your marriage is good

In every good marriage there are things that you will see in that marriage and you will say yes this marriage is good and sweet. So I will tell you things that is needed in all marriage for you to know YES this family is living happily and comfortable with each other. “Signs your marriage is good”


Signs your marriage is good


  1. There is understanding

If there is understanding between the two of you, then it’s a sign that your marriage is good, if you and your partner always understand that there is always a reason in any action his or her partner does, then it’s a sign your marriage is good.


  1. There is happiness

If there is happiness in your marriage, there is no need of troubling yourself for your marriage is good, happiness is needed in every marriage. Nobody will love to stay in a marriage that makes them sad and unhappy. Then your marriage is good if there is happiness.


  1. There is strong communication

You will also notice good and strong communication between the couples and their children, every marriage that has good communication last long. So if there is strong communication between you, your partner and the children then know that your marriage is good.

“Signs your marriage is good”

  1. There is respect and obedience in the children

If there is fear and respect in the heart and eyes of the children then know that the marriage is good. By respect I don’t mean for the parents only but to others too.


  1. There are no fight and quarrel

This doesn’t mean that, there will be no misunderstanding between you two, but at least it is minimal and don’t last long. If you are quarrelling and always fighting just know it’s not a good thing for you in that marriage and can teach your kids a lot of bad deeds.

“Signs your marriage is good”

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