Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You

Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You

Sometimes there are certain things that may happen in a relationship which can cause breakup. It may just to cool off the brain or to relax and analize some certain things. When that happens, it is assume that the relationship may fall back again.

Ups and downs in a relationship has caused so many break-up today, which after some time, the relationship will fall back to normal.

There are so many signs that shows that your ex is pretending to be over you. Those signs are what we will be treating today.

Carefully go through this article as it tends to give you the detailed information on how to know if your ex is pretending to be over you.


 Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You


  • He/she still maintain contacts with you.

Does your ex still communicate with you? Does he or she still keeps your contacts? If these questions are correct then, he or she is just pretending to be over you. Communication is the major thing that unites two hearts and keep them alive, whereby your ex still keeps your contacts and still communicate with you, it means that he or she still wants you back and just pretending to be over you.


  • He/she still cares for your well-being.

If your ex still cares for your well-being, ask of your health and always try to be there for you each time you need someone close. This is a good sign that tells you they still care for you and just pretending to be over you. 


  • He/she tries to know about their competitors.

Does your ex wonders about his or her competitors? They normally ask you if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? They ask if you about your new relationship and all related questions? All these are the signs that shows how much they want you and doesn’t want to loose you. He may be pretending to be over you but in his heart he want you more than anything.


  • They follows you on social media.

When you notice that your ex never give up on following you on social media. He or she always love and comments on your Posts, they also give a piece of advice on social media. All these are good signs that they are just pretending to be over you. The truth is that he or she never given up on you, there’s still feelings. 


  • He/she keeps explaining your breakup. 

It is true that you have broke up but each time you guys are together or on call he or she keeps explaining the cause of the break-up, trying to tell you who’s fault it is and how it happened. It shows that he still want the relationship back, maybe you broke up out of annoyance but now he still want it back. Such attitude describe the meaning of pretence. He or she is just pretending to be over you but deep inside him, he still want you back.

Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You

  • He drunk dial you. 

When your ex drunk dial you, it only showed that he or she still thinks about you. For someone to be drunk and all he can do is to dial your number, it shows that you are the reason why he is drunk. Maybe he just want to wave the thoughts but couldn’t, due to the love that flows in his nerves.


  • He/she still keeps your belongings.

When your ex was unable to return your belongings. They still keep some old memories of you, it shows that they are just pretending. A person that love you will keep every memory of you. So take note of that.


  • His friends advices you to come back.

If you notice that your ex’s friends are advicing you to come back to your ex and set things right. Do not be surprised that it’s your ex that sent them to you. He or she might not have the courage to approach you, so they sent the message through their friends.


  • Your ex can’t stop starring at you.

They can’t stop starring at you, your eyes always meet each time you look up. It’s emotional and cannot stop. The feelings is still there only that they needs courage to speak up.


  • Your ex keeps hiding his/her partners from you.

If your ex doesn’t want you to see his or partner or to make you know that they even have a partner, it’s a good sign too.


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4 Signs Your Ex Isn’t Over You

Your ex will always do things that pleases you. Makes you happy and reminds you of your good memories together.

Through their body language, you will understand everything you need to know.

He defends you, and always took the blame for the cause of the break-up.

They will keep in touch with your close ones and friends. Even your family members if possible.


Signs Your Ex Regrets Dumping You

He or she will always blame himself or herself for the cause of your break-up. They will also do everything possible to set things right even when you abuse or reject them, they will keep trying.

Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You

Signs Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You

When your ex still feelings for you, they will always show you that through their different behaviours.

  • Eye contact.
  • Lots of smiles
  • Touches you 
  • Likes to spend some time with you
  • Shows much concern towards you
  • Gives you attention


Signs Your Ex Is Waiting For You

They will always ask you if you are in a relationship and how serious the relationship is. They will like to know who and how well the other person is treating you. If you are happy and all the related questions concerning the other person in your life.

They will also assured you that they are there for you in case you needed someone to talk to.


Signs Your Ex Is Testing The Waters

All the signs that shows he is just pretending to be over you will appear one by one.

They will not get angry at anything you will say to them, even if it’s hurts.


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Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You Through Text

They keep saying how sorry they were by breaking up with you.

He or she will continue to message you and always reminds you how much they love you and miss you.


Signs Your Ex Is Testing You

Keeps trying to win your heart back.

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