Signs that he lost interest

signs that he lost interest
signs that he lost interest

Are you troubled or disturbed about your man? Did you think that he doesn’t love you again or maybe he has completely lost interest in you? Well no matter what your questions or what is going on your mind, I want you to relax for I will show you today signs that he lost interest in you. So without wasting much of that your limited time let me go straight to the points.


Signs that he lost interest


1. He won’t correct you.

When your man who always shouts and try to always correct you stops it all. Then it’s a big red flag to tell you that he has lost interest in you.

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2. He will be living an I don’t care life towards you.

Since he doesn’t correct you anymore, he will now be living I don’t care life, that is behaving as if you are not in his life anymore, behaving as if your problem is not his own but your own only.

3. He won’t bother to check on you.

Because he don’t care anymore about you, he will not bother himself checking up on you to know if you are okay. He won’t even remember that you are in his life not to talk of checking up on you. “Signs that he lost interest”

4. He won’t call until you do.

The way he doesn’t bother if you exist that same way he will not also care to call you and know if you are okay. In fact if you don’t call him that day forget about speaking on phone with him that day because he won’t call.

5. He won’t answer your calls regular.

The problem didn’t stop from not calling him, but even when you call he won’t even answer your calls until his mind tells him maybe to pity you.

6. He will be talking to you anyhow.

Now one of the changes you will see in his character is talking to you anyhow at any little mistake or things that you do. You will see him in most cases getting angry easily towards you than the way he used to do before.

7. He will treat you as if you have no value.

If he also begins treating you as if you have no value or as if you don’t have to say in his life, it is a red flag that indicates that he has lost all interest in you. And it will be good for you to leave his life because you will need up leaving in pain and tears always. “Signs that he lost interest”

8. He will be seeing you and your calls as disturbance.

He will not only stop at treating you anyhow, but he will also be seeing you as a disturbance in his life, which will make him to be treating you anyhow and will also regard you as nothing and have no value in his life.

9. He will be finding fault on you.

Since he regards you as someone who have no value, he will now begin to find fault in anything you do and doing so he will be making your life a living hell, because he will hate every little thing that you do or say.

10. He won’t give you attention.

You won’t find that attention that you seek for because he now regards you as nothing, so he will leave you and start paying attention to the things he thinks that matters most for him.

11. He won’t believe what you say.

No matter what you say to him or tell about anything, especially when the thing is something that concerns another man, he will never believe you and can even use it as an excuse to leave your life.

12. You are no more the source of his happiness.

If you can’t make him happy when he is sad, then tell who can now do so because you are the one to console and make him happy. You are the one that should be the source of his happiness but when all that fails and he begin to see you as nothing, and not only that you can’t even make him happy when he is sad or angry then he has totally lost all interest in you.

13. He won’t spend time with you again.

If your man can’t spend time or stay together with you as his woman then know that something is wrong because your man should always make out time to spend with you as his girl. “Signs that he lost interest”

14. He won’t be letting you know things about his life.

I don’t see anything that will make him to stop or deprive you from knowing things that matters most to your man, but if he stops telling you all these and stop allowing you to know the things that concerns his life then it’s a big sign to show that he has lost all interest in you.

15. He will be living more of a single life.

Why will he live his life as a single person when he have you with him or does it mean that you are gone? Is a question you should ask yourself and answer it sincerely because if he is doing so it means that he has lost interest in you seriously.

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“Signs that he lost interest”

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