After writing about signs he is making love to you, which I wrote for ladies to understand, you are read here to see it. I decided to write this also for men to even know about the woman they are making love with, knowing if they love them or pretend to love you.  “Signs She Is Making Love To You”

There are two things to consider when talking about signs she is making love to you. The two things to bear in mind is this, is she interested in having the sex? And did she want to have sex with you? These two things are different, and I will talk about it differently to precisely understand if she is making love to you or want to have sex. As a man, you need to understand it all clearly to know what is in the mind of that woman you are currently dating. Now let me quickly talk about it all. “Signs She Is Making Love To You”


Signs She Just Wants To Have Sex With You.

Signs She Just Wants To Have Sex With You

  1. There will not be much romance from her. 
  2. She will not kiss you that deep. Sometimes she will not allow you to kiss her wholly.
  3. She will be turned off immediately; she is okay and may not ride on to fully satisfied you.
  4. All she will be concerned about is sexual penetration without bothering if you are okay with the position.
  5. She won’t be looking at your mood to know if you are enjoying it too.
  6. Everything with her will seems to be like a rush. 
  7. Lovemaking takes time and involves lots of romance and foreplay before the sex penetration, but if all this is missing, then she definitely doesn’t love you.


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Signs She Is Making Love To You

Signs She Is Making Love To You.

  1. She will take her time to have a deep and affection kiss with you.
  2. She will romance you and also allow you to romance her too fully.
  3. If the position of the style she is riding with you is okay to her, she will tell you and even ask you if you are also okay with it.
  4. She will be looking at your mood and try to understand. 
  5. During lovemaking with her, she will try her best to see you are enjoying her.
  6. There will be more foreplay than sex.
  7. If she loves you, she will take her time to make sure that she satisfies you.


Signs She Is Not Interested In It.

Signs She Is Not Interested In It

  1. She won’t be talking about it, and even if you bring up a topic or an action to get her to the mood, she will be taking it off. And will try not to get in the atmosphere.
  2. During the sex, she won’t do much you will be the one doing almost all.
  3. Once you are satisfied, she will stop, because all she wants is for you to finish.
  4. She will not be responding well to kiss and romance, or may not even accept it.
  5. Everything about it will not be enjoyable to you in any way. All will look as if it’s a force to do it.

With this, I believe you understand when a woman loves you or if she is having sex with you. If a girl likes you and is making love to you, you will surely find it enjoyable with her, but it is the one who wants to have only sex with you, everything will be in a rush just for her to feel you in her and satisfy her urge. But if she is never interested, everything will be as if you are the only one struggling. It will look as if you are forcing her, and nothing about it will be exclusive or sweet.

How over to you, we will like to see what you think about this. Let us know through the comment section below.

“Signs She Is Making Love To You”

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