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Signs He Wants To Say I Love You

There are many ways to know a guy that loves you and wants to confess that love to you. But he has not got the courage to do so. If there is a guy around you living such life, or you don’t know exactly what is in his mind about you. I will help explain to you, the things and signs you will see in a man and you will understand that this man truly loves you. I will now explain to you the signs he wants to say I love you in a way that you understand better. “Signs He Wants To Say I Love You”


Signs He Wants To Say I Love You


• The way he stares at you.

Any man who loves you will always look or glance at you when you come around him. If you see a man who loves you he will always be staring at you. When you are around a man who truly loves you and what to say, his eyes will tell you that this person wants to say something to you. So monitor the way he looks at you to know if he truly loves you.


• He misses you when you are not around.

If you are not around he will always miss you, by all these you will know that this man truly loves you, but maybe he doesn’t have the courage to tell you that he do so. If you two are together and you want to leave, you will notice that it is hard for him to let you go because he needs you around. And it’s now your duty to help him out if you truly love the person too, but if you don’t love him you can just give him space with his feelings that way.

“Signs He Wants To Say I Love You”

• He will always call you regularly.

Any man that loves you we always call to check up on you. he doesn’t call you because he has time to waste, or he doesn’t have anything to do, but just that he misses and cares about you he will always call you. The truth of it all is he can’t stay without hearing your voice, all this happens because he misses you.


• He will always try to help you out.

If he cares about you, he can’t stand to see you in a problem and allow only you in it. Instead he will always try and look for a way to help you out, men never allow their woman to suffer. Due to that, he will always try to help you in any way he can even if it’s to advise you he will do so, for you not to make a mistake in a decision that you are about to take.

“Signs He Wants To Say I Love You”

• He will take you on a date or invite you to an event.

If he always invites you to an event or occasion that he wants to attend or even ask you out on a date. All these are signs to let you know that he loves you. If he doesn’t love you or care about you there is no way he can ask you on a date or even invite you to any event that he wants to attend. He is doing all this because he cares but maybe he has not found his courage to speak with you boldly and confess his feelings towards you, it’s definitely a sign to let you know that this guy has something in mind for you.

“Signs He Wants To Say I Love You”

• He will tell you more about himself.

Men don’t discuss about their life or about themselves to anybody if they don’t love the person or have something in common to do with the person. If he’s discussing about his life or his daily activity or even anything that concerns him with you, he definitely cares about you, he really does and I think you should give such guy a chance to prove that love for you.


• He will talk about you with his friends.

Has he ever discussed about you with his friends? if yes that means he definitely cares about you, if he doesn’t, he won’t bring up anything about you with his friends and even when they asked him about you he will just say “she’s there” or “she is ok” but if he’s really discussing about you with his friends he definitely cares about you.


• He is jealous seeing you with another man.

What does he do when he sees you with another man? what is really his reactions? did you notice any sign of jealousy in him? If yes that means he loves you, he only has that jealousy in him because he loves and cares about you if he doesn’t love and care about you there will not be any sign of jealousy in him at all.

“Signs He Wants To Say I Love You”

• He understands you.

Since he loves and cares about you, he will understand you, and give you his attention. He will even try to avoid the things that you hate and the things that you don’t like seeing around. He will try his best to do only the things that make you happy so that you will always feel happy and smile when you are with him.


• He will buy a gift for you.

If he loves and cares about you. He will always try to buy gifts for you or buy things for you when he is not around when he goes out and coming back to meet you, no matter how small the gift is he will always try to see that he buys something for you, in order for him to use it as a way to melt your heart and express his feelings for you, all these are signs that a man show when he loves you and don’t have the courage to confess it.

So if you have seen all these signs in that man or most of them that means that the guy loves you but doesn’t have the courage to express his feelings to you.

“Signs He Wants To Say I Love You”

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