Are you worried if your man is seeing you as a wife material? Are you troubled if he will choose you tomorrow as his wife? Well don’t be disturbed anymore for we have got you covered, with tips to show you the signs, and characters you will see in a man and say YES he’s seeing me as a wife material. So if that is why you are here then relax for you at the right place. “Signs he sees you as wife material”


Signs he sees you as wife material


  1. He invite you to serious occasions.

When I mean serious occasions, I mean the one that you will have the opportunity to meet many of his family and friends. And he will give you a very good introduction to his family and friends.


  1. He will introduce you to his family.

He will invite you over to go with him and visit his family and give you a proper introduction to his family.


  1. He will include you in his plans.

When making plans for his future or anything about him, he will always include you or talk about you in it.

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  1. He will be free to have deep and business conversations with you.

Nothing like hiding his business plans and activities to you again. He will be free to discuss it all with you and even ask for your advice in some cases.

“Signs he sees you as wife material”

  1. He will introduce you to his friends.

If he has plans for you then be sure that all his friends will know about you. In some cases they may be calling you “OUR WIFE” as name.


  1. You will have keys to his house.

Since he has plans for you as a wife, he will give you an access to his house. So you don’t need to bother or think twice about anything when you want to visit. For he will make you to feel relaxed as your own house too.


  1. He will always love to have you around him.

He won’t even like to let you go anytime you visit. He will try his best to make you understand that is also your home for you to stay.


  1. He will tell you.

If he has plans for you as wife, he will let you know by himself. So if he has tell you then know that he has plans for you as the mother of his future kids.

“Signs he sees you as wife material”

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