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Signs he loves you and need to be with you

Signs for you to know if he loves you and need to be with you

Signs he loves you is simple although men are very hard people to deal with and is hard to know a man that loves you because of men who cheat and men who are play boy now pretend to love a girl, but there is some things I will discuss here now that will he you to know if a man love you but always try to be careful with a guy because they can pretend a lot and at times they hide their feeling but if you truly want to be sure about the guy then you need to follow this things I said below and remember to calm down always because if you are in a rush and can’t try to control your feelings then know that you may meet a wrong guy so use this steps and calm down doing it or even when you find out he loves you to avoid mistakes.

These are signs he love you

  1. He will be a bit shy

Any guy that loves you will be a bit shy talking to you. No matter who the guy is or how rich, bold and big he is, he will always be a bit shy whenever he is talking to you.

  1. He will be short of words

This is one of good signs he loves you because just as he will be very shy to talk to you. He will also be short of words with the things to say to you, and all you will be seeing will be only smiles and curiosity, which may have no control.

  1. He will not lie to you

Any man that loves you will never lie to you about anything you wish to know both his past and present life. So be careful because some men like to pain lie like a truth and if you meet such men and notice that they are lying to you is better you go because he may break your heart or cheat on you.

Signs he loves you

  1. He will do anything for you

This is one of the signs he likes you. Any gut that loves you will try to prove to you that he can do anything for you. As long as the guy is capable of doing it. He must surely do it for you, for him to impress you and make you happy.

  1. He will love to spend money on you

Any man who truly loves you will always love to spend his money on you. Unless the guy don’t have the money but if he do. He will love to spend it on you. To people it will be seen as foolishness. But to him is nothing as long as you appreciate it and you are happy with it. He sees it as nothing.

  1. He will always feel jealous

Any man who truly loves you must show this signs he loves you. Because he will always feel jealous seeing you with another man. Some men will even show their jealousy when they see you moving with another guy. So this is best way to know the guy that loves you.

  1. He will always call you

Any guy who loves you will always try to call you, to check on you. Although some of them who love you will call you on phone and still will not tell you why he is calling you. Or tell you his mind, but the truth is that if he calls you always he loves you.




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