How to tell if a shy guy likes you

How to tell if a shy guy likes you
How to tell if a shy guy likes you

Are you suspecting that a guy likes you, but you don’t know how to be entirely sure about it? Or is there a guy you think that loves you but don’t know how to tell you. If that is why you then relax for you are reading the right article to answer all your questions and help you understand better. Remember we are Be Wise Professor and we help solve all issues on relationship, marriage and health. You can always ask your question on our forum, and we will always answer your questions. After reading. do try to check out dating guidelines for shy ladies to understand how to take an approach with a guy if you are a shy type. “how to tell if a shy guy likes you.”

How to tell if a shy guy likes you

He Will get more closer to you.

Any guy that loves you will be closer to you, and since he is a shy guy, he will be closed more to you but won’t have the courage to tell you. So if he is always getting more closer to you is a sign that he loves you.  “how to tell if a shy guy likes you.”

But because he is shy and afraid to tell you, he will only be close to you and sit around you but still will not have the mind to say to you his feelings for you.

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Eyes contact

If he likes you and he is interested in you, he will always keep looking and stirring at you but still won’t have the courage of mind to tell you so if you notice that he is always watching and shaking at you. Is sign for you to know that he is interested in you and love you.  “how to tell if a shy guy likes you.”


He will be a little Bit Flirting With You.

Suppose you notice that he always love to hangout or flirt with you forever. That is a sign also to tell you that he loves you and don’t dare to say to you. If you leave him or allow things to be that way without looking for a way to help him out to open up, things will continue to be like that till you become tired of him or for a long time till he finds the courage to do so. “how to tell if a shy guy likes you.”

They Make Small Communicate With You

He will love to have a lot of conversation with you but maybe short words. Let say now, you are discussing with him, you will notice shaking and fear in his words at times. You may even be the one to do the talking, or you may also see that you will be the one to engage more in the conversations. “how to tell if a shy guy likes you.”

He will buy you gifts.

A shy guy will be buying gifts in other for him to know if he can use through that way to express his love for you. So if he is always buying gifts for you, then he is having a crush on you but doesn’t know how to tell you. But with tips, he is already telling you his feelings for you.

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He will be giving you things to hold for him.

Any guy that loves you buy is shy or not bold enough to tell you will from time to time give you things for you to hold for him. He will be giving it to you as if there is something special about it, but there is nothing at all about it. He is only trying to look for a way to get you more closer to him. So please help him out if you love him.


Finally, If a guy loves you, but he is shy to tell you. You will notice that he will be doing more of actions to express his love and feelings for you. So look deep in you to see if the guy is treating you special or as if that you are his woman or love. If he is doing all these or treating you special, then he loves you but not bold  enough to tell you his mind. “how to tell if a shy guy likes you.”

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