Sexy Secretary Glasses Vs. Librarian Glasses: Who Wins?

You may think that sexy secretary glasses and librarian glasses are pretty much one and the same thing – but there are some major differences in terms of looks and styling. 

If you’re weighing up your options for a new set of frames and are thinking of adding something new to your look, then use the guide below to help you decide which of the two to opt for. We look at the ins and outs of each type of glasses with a view to deciding the ultimate winner!

Sexy Secretary Glasses Vs. Librarian Glasses: Who Wins?

Sexy Secretary Glasses

We all know this look – it’s been popping up in tv shows and movies for years – the sexy secretary with the oversized glasses wearing some seriously tight-fitting workwear! Batman Returns’ Selena Kyle, Miss Moneypenny, and Marion Crane’s character in Psycho all fit this mold.

Sexy secretary frames are a great way to add a classy yet mischievous edge to your wardrobe, and you’re free to go as subtle or as bold with this look as you prefer. Visit your ophthalmologist to try out a few different styles to see what suits you best, or browse from a range of reputable online retailers such as Glasses USA. Here are the styling secrets to help you get it right every time.

Selecting the Right Frames

To get the sexy secretary look, opt for chunky black frames in black, either in a square or exaggerated cat’s eye shape. If your face shape makes it difficult to pull off chunky frames like this, try Clubmaster-style spectacles that are heavier on the top half of the frame.

Cat’s eye-shaped frames are very versatile and tend to look fab on all face shapes. Go as subtle or as bold as you like with these frames, depending on your personal style. If you’d like a more understated take on the sexy secretary look, opt for glasses that feature slightly exaggerated temple tips, to hint at the cat eye shape.

What to Wear with Secretary Glasses

It’s all about combining demureness with sexy self-confidence when it comes to this look! Pair your new oversized secretary glasses with a form-fitting skirt and white shirt and fitted blazer, and some gorgeous high heels. Opt for a polished, put-together style: a sleek hairstyle, perfectly applied makeup, and some subtle accessories like a simple gold bracelet or necklace are likely to work best.

To create a version of the look that you can wear out on a date or to meet friends, team your glasses with a great-fitting pair of jeans, a sheer top or blouse, and a smart pair of sneakers. Keep your hairstyle neat and your makeup on point, and add a standout accessory, such as a large brooch or pair of pendant earrings, to complete the outfit.

Sexy Secretary Glasses Vs. Librarian Glasses: Who Wins?

Alluring Librarian Glasses

In the movies, ‘librarian’ glasses tend to feature fairly chunky, oversized round frames, usually in black or tortoiseshell and with a vintage vibe. They’ve become closely connected to ‘geek chic’ and so hold some pretty weighty counter-cool currency! This style of glasses is more subtle than a typical pair of sexy librarian specs, but they still pack a punch when it comes to style!

Movie characters such as those played by Rachel Weisz in The Mummy and Greer Garson in the 1945 film Adventure have long demonstrated the potential sexiness of a pair of classic librarian specs! Keen to try out the look yourself? Here’s what you need to know to pull it off to perfection!

Choosing the Frame

Look for slightly oversized, round frames, ideally with a vintage aesthetic, such as circular tortoiseshell, black, or dark brown. Cat’s eye frames are also a great choice to get the librarian look – although opt for a subtle shape rather than an exaggerated cat’s eye to perfect your chic librarian look.

For a modern take on classic librarian glasses, consider a pair of this season’s hottest transparent frames in a round or cat’s eye shape – this is a great way to give a subtle nod to the look. These frames are also versatile enough to pair with all the outfits in your wardrobe – and the arms and sides of the frames will reflect a hint of the shade of whatever you’re wearing, to enhance the ‘put-together’ element of your ensemble.

What to Wear with Librarian Glasses

To really get this look, think vintage with a twist. So, that could be a long tweed pencil skirt paired with a high-neck blouse worn with a pair of killer shoes or boots, a standout piece of jewelry, and immaculately done makeup. When it comes to the hair, think artfully messy – and finish the look to perfection by sliding a pencil or two into your up-do.

And the Winner Is…!

Choosing the victor – sexy secretary or alluring librarian glasses – is tricky! This is largely because the best option will come down to what suits a particular person in terms of their face shape, personal preferences, and individual aesthetic. The ultimate winner is the spectacle style that you feel great wearing and that supports the expression of your own inimitable style.