Self Monitoring Systems – A Glimpse Of The Future Of Medication?

Self Monitoring Systems - A Glimpse Of The Future Of Medication?

Modern medicine has led to the increase of our lifespan, be it to cure infectious diseases or meet with unforeseen emergencies.


But, with the change in our lifestyle, exposure to different ailments has increased manifold. Though in a post-pandemic era, the capability of our medical facilities is a debatable topic.


You must be thinking then what is the way forward?


Doctors and medical practitioners have voiced their opinion in unison for the home monitoring systems and aids. Over the past two years, we have seen a rapid increase in the awareness and the use of such devices by the affected, or his/her kin.


Should you worry if you are not aware of some of the often opted at-home medical devices? Certainly not, as we have put down a list of devices that you may find handy during the hour of need. You can find other relevant information on the internet too. 


Oxygen Concentrators


A cabinet, housing the compressors and filters, tubing, and face mask constitute an oxygen concentrator. What will you use it for? The chief function of an oxygen concentrator is to provide supplemental oxygen for people who are otherwise incapable to do so on their own.


The most common use of oxygen concentrators is for people with low levels of blood oxygen. COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is one such instance, which requires it more often. The concentrators can serve as long-term oxygen supplies for patients at home.

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At-home services demand the need for portability and convenience. Portable Oxygen Concentrators can serve as a viable solution. The portable oxygen concentrator units have an AC/DC power charger and a battery with the rest of the apparatus. 


Are you wondering how the concentrator works? It’s a very simple mechanism. The concentrator draws air from the room. The air passes through various filters and two compressor units, which absorb dust and nitrogen. The leftover is concentrated oxygen and a few other gases found in the room. The two compressor units work in turns, thereby giving a continuous supply of oxygen.


Now, you have some idea of how oxygen concentrators work and what their purposes are. 


Pulse Oximeter


You must have figured by the name that the device is non-invasive. 


So what does it do? A pulse oximeter measures the level of oxygen saturation in our blood. As per the various guidelines in medical journals, here’s how to use a Pulse Oximeter:


  1. Remove false nails or nail polish (if any). Warm your hands if they are cold.
  2. Place your middle or index finger in the oximeter after switching it on.
  3. It takes a minute for the reading to record. Keep your fingers steady.
  4. If it doesn’t change for 5 seconds, note the numbers displayed on the screen. 
  5. Recording three times a day is generally followed, starting from the baseline. If you observe any changes, take measures accordingly.


Following are some of its key features you can refer to:


  • Compact and portable
  • A variance of only 2% in reading accuracy
  • Quick in showcasing the results
  • Buzz once reading is available (depends on the model)
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A blood glucose meter is also known as a glucometer. This small yet portable device helps determine blood glucose levels.


Glucose (a type of sugar) level monitoring is useful for people with diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most common diseases today so the knowledge of blood-sugar checking technology helps a great deal.


The test kit contains a test strip, with which the test is done. A lancet or needle comes with the kit, you can use it to prick the finger. The test strip goes into the meter. Then the test strip touches the blood droplet. A few seconds later it shows the result.


So next time when you get to know someone with ailments of diabetes, you can help them out.


BP Monitor


Hypertension has come into our lives because of our lifestyle choices and a stressful goal-oriented livelihood. 


Does it affect all of us? Is it something that you might have tomorrow? The regime that you follow today determines the correct answer to these questions. The shift towards a rapid and exuberant career aspiration, a stressed family relationship – the contributor can be any of it.


Then how does a BP Monitor fit in all these? A bp monitor is a self-monitoring tool and helps you know your blood pressure. Researches have shown that monitoring at home helps achieve improved controls of blood pressure. Thus, ensuring sound health.


Ablata causa tollitur effectus – If the cause is taken away, its effect will disappear. The knowledge and use of such devices will help better tackle any unforeseen medical emergency. With the advancement in technology, the future of medication includes a leg, where you and I take the first step towards treating an ailment at home.

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