Self-Care Tips for Students in Delhi

Self-Care Tips for Students in Delhi

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If you’re a student in Delhi, self-care is probably the last thing on your mind. After all, balancing between classes, extracurriculars and your social life take up all your time in the bustling capital city of India. It’s easy to forget about yourself and your needs when you’re trying to be top of the class in one of the best schools or engineering colleges in Delhi. But if you want to prevent the chances of burnout, and help yourself maintain the momentum of your efforts, it’s important to take care of yourself too. That’s why we’ve got you a list of easy and practical self-care tips so that you can make yourself a priority on a daily basis and reward yourself for all your hard work.


Put it into your schedule

That essay you need to submit. The deadline for a college application. A creative entry for a competition. All the things you prioritise are at the top of your to-do list and a part of your schedule. That’s how you get them done in time. So it’s time to put some self-care on that list, even if it’s only for fifteen minutes in the middle of a busy day. Setting some time aside each day for yourself will help you renew your focus and recharge your batteries.  It’ll also reinforce the idea of self-care as a practice rather than a once in a blue moon opportunity to treat yourself. No matter what form your self-care takes, it should be something you can fit into your schedule on any given day.


Build morning and night routines

Variety may be the spice of life, but routine is the staple. And by that we mean you NEED to have a morning and night routine for yourself in order to streamline your day. If you’ve been waking up five minutes before you need to head to campus, you’re probably missing out on morning essentials like a shower, breakfast, or light exercise. And if you’re falling asleep in front of your laptop in the late hours of the night, you won’t have a chance to cleanse your skin or plan for the next day. That’s where building a morning routine and a night routine can totally level up your life. And no, this doesn’t need to be an hour-long ritual at all. It can be a few simple and practical steps that you can carry out on a daily basis so that you have time to take care of yourself.


Embrace the little things

If your idea of self-care is something extravagant that takes a lot of time and money, you’re probably not going to get around to doing it. Instead, think of the smaller things that make you happy and see how you can incorporate them into your life more often. Often, the things that make you happiest are completely free. So, try to create a few spaces through the week where you can engage with something small that you love doing, like reading some of your favourite books, catching up with a friend, going for a walk in your local park, or even having a dance party in your bedroom. You’ll feel a lot happier and less stressed, and it’ll make you more efficient in school too.

Don’t skip the exercise

Yeah, we know, exercise does not sound like fun for most people. But it can actually be a great way to take care of yourself. Physical activity releases endorphins in the body, making you feel calmer, happier and more focused. And the best thing is it doesn’t have to be a particular form. That’s right, exercise doesn’t have to mean sweating it out in a gym. Going for a walk, cycling around your neighbourhood, joining a dance class, practising some yoga or going for a run can all be different ways to get some physical activity into your life and help yourself feel your best.

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Skip the social media sometimes

One of the key pressures that students face, particularly in the best colleges and schools in Delhi, is the pressure to keep up a social media presence. You might find yourself spending hours scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, comparing your posts with others or procrastinating on the work you’re meant to be doing. Either way, this can have a negative impact on your mental health. That’s why you could try going on a social media detox once in a while. Delete your social media apps or turn off the notifications for a weekend or two, and see how much free time you discover that you can use to take care of yourself instead.


So, there you have it. Taking care of yourself while studying in Delhi really can be that easy.Make yourself a priority and try out our self-care tips. You’ll be grateful for the difference it can make to your life.

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