See the Difference Between Hennessy VSOP and XO

See the Difference Between Hennessy VSOP and XO

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Today in we going to answer the question “what is the difference between Hennessy VSOP and XO“. We will take time to explain all about hennessy in general and detail all the difference that you need to know, so take your time to read about this and give us your feedback in the comment section.

Find Out the Process Hennessy Cognac Is Created

Hennessy is among the biggest brands of Cognac, an exclusive kind of brandy made exclusively by Cognac, a French area of Cognac. It is available in a variety of expressions of different ages. Hennessy is drunk around all over the world. The most well-known bottle is Hennessy V.S. It’s the newest of the range and also the cheapest (though it is still a mid-range high-end cost for liquor), which makes it an ideal everyday cognac. Hennessy V.S is worth mixing into every brandy drink you can imagine, and it is delicious by itself or over the ice.

Quick Facts

  • Ingredients Ugni White Grapes
  • Proof: 80
  • A.B.V.: 40%
  • Calories in a one-quarter-ounce shot 100
  • Source: Cognac, France
  • Taste: Burnt wine, oak, floral, fruit, spice, vanilla
  • aged: minimum of 2 years to 30 or more
  • Serve in a straight way, with ice or cocktails.

Hennessy VSOP and XO

What is Hennessy Cognac Made Of?

Richard Hennessy founded a cognac trading company in 1765. In 1794, the first cognac deliveries reached New York, and the worldwide distribution of Hennessy has grown exponentially since. Hennessy played a key part in many important Cognac history pieces that are still being played out to this day. In one instance, they met the royal demand for a “very exceptional older mild” cognac (known as V.S.O.P. to this day) in 1817. The company also helped develop the system of rating stars for Cognac in 1865. The tradition continues when it comes to the making of Hennessy Cognac.

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To label itself as Cognac, Hennessy must meet the requirements set by a secured appellation de provenance. In addition, it specifies that grapes are cultivated and that all cognac production must occur in the Cognac region in southwest France.

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The process begins with sustainable cultivated Ugni White grapes that are mechanically harvested when they are at their highest to make Hennessy. After that, the grapes get crushed, and the juice is fermented into wine. Utilizing the old Charentais Copper alembic stills, for which Cognac is known, the wine transforms into an eau-de-vie by the double distillation process.

The clear spirit is transformed into Cognac following maturing in wooden barrels (French Limousin oak, for instance) a common choice) and mixing. Hennessy boasts 350,000 barrels in production at any point using 65 cellars (or chais). The Cognac is recirculated in barrels over time as it ages, while the barrels are then placed in cellars specific to the desired characteristics. For example, a humid cellar produces more mellow flavors, whereas a dry cellar produces more flavor.

Everyday tastings are held to evaluate the various Eau de-vies during their maturation. It is the responsibility of the master blender of Hennessy to mix at least 30 of them to create the final product, which is then bottled in the form of Hennessy Cognac as well as to accomplish this for each formulation and to maintain the same consistency between batches in the following batch.

After mixing and blending, the Cognac could be allowed to rest for a specified amount of time before bottling. Most Hennessy cognac (including the most fundamental expressions) is bottled at 40% alcohol per volume (A.B.V. 40% proof).

Hennessy VSOP and XO

Hennessy XO vs VSOP

Hennessy Privilege V.S.O.P. (N25,000) is a smooth but more pronounced flavor than VS, with a more woody aroma. The V.S.O.P. (Very superior old pale) comprises 60 varieties of eau de vie, the longest being 15 years old and the newest being four to five years old. It’s aged for at least 15 years within French oak, which results in more depth, richer color, and oak aroma and palate, as well as giving more depth to the grape and spice notes. Since it has a more mature and balanced flavor, V.S.O.P. can stand alone in its own right, or with a glass of ice or with the addition of soda.

Hennessy The X.O. (N525,000 for a case of six bottles) is where things become more sophisticated and elegant. It is a blend of more than 100 distinct Eau de vies that can be aged for as long as 30 years. Its youngest is the earliest age being ten years old, and the oldest is 30 years old. It was created originally as a private blend for The Hennessy family. The aroma is lovely, with spices and toffee notes. The first sip has a more rounded mouthfeel than V.S.O.P., with distinct spice and wood in the mouth.

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What does Hennessy Cognac Taste Like?

Each Hennessy cognac has distinct flavors determined by the blend of eau-de-vie used to make them. They all have an old-fashioned taste of brandy with a sweet, fruity taste similar to burnt wine and tempered by a mild oakiness. There are flowers and fruit (particularly citrus) notes in these cognacs. The scent of vanilla, spice, and chocolate is typical.


Hennessy employs the traditional cognac grading system to define its primary portfolio. These are used to determine the age of the Cognac (or the youngest of the cognacs included in the mixture): V.S. (“very special,” minimum of 2 years), V.S.O.P. (“very superior old pale” minimally four years) as well as X.O. (“extra aged,” minimum of 10 years). There are many special editions and limited editions that are made by Hennessy available.

  • Hennessy V.S: The brand’s flagship is the latest version of the legendary Hennessy 3 Star Cognac. It’s a blend of around 40 aged eau-de-vie. The nose is full of the aroma of roasted almonds, brown sugar, and a subtle note of fruit. It’s got a rich flavor, with a creamy vanilla aroma and a refreshing, floral finish. V.S. is a bit sharp and has a touch of spice, but it’s a great, low-cost beginning into French brandy.
  • Hennessy Black: First released in 2009, Hennessy Black is bottled with a stronger 44 percent A.B.V. (86 percent proof). It’s a blend of approximately 40 gold and pale eau-de-vie, then aged in oak. Black is a floral brandy with jasmine, citrus honey, and jasmine aromas. It also has an authentic taste of Cognac with delicious hints of citrus. It is designed for cocktails but is also a good alternative for those who enjoy light spirits such as vodka and tequila.
  • Hennessy V.S.O.P. Privilege: Originally made available in 1817 as a special request for the English’s (then-future) George IV. George IV, is an iconic cognac. A blend of more than 60 Eau-de-vies aged between 15 and 20 years old, it’s then aged in oak, creating an elegant drink with flavors of honeyed fruit and intriguing spice. It’s not expensive, but it’s an exceptional sipper and ideal for cocktails with a premium taste.
  • Hennessy X.O The first of the luxurious Hennessy cognacs. X.O. was the first Cognac launched in 1870, which laid the standard for the other expressions to follow. The blend comprises more than 100 Eau-de-vies that have matured for up to 30 years and are later paired in specially chosen barrels. The Cognac is sweet of candied fruit, an unforgettable intense pepper, and has a hint of wood, chocolate, and vanilla. It’s a top shelf; X.O. is best reserved for sipping.
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How to drink Hennessy Cognac

The entire Hennessy Cognac is a pleasure straight. It is possible to take in the subtle flavors when you pour it into a glass of brandy, absorbing the delicate aroma and enriching the enjoyment. A rocks glass is equally effective well and is a great option if you wish to sip Cognac in a glass.

Hennessy V.S makes a fantastic choice in cocktails, particularly for large mixed drinks. Mixers will reduce Cognac’s strong flavor and make an enjoyable drink. Both Hennessy V.S and Black can indeed be used to make almost every recipe. The classic cocktails with brandy are excellent starting points. If you’re using Hennessy V.S.O.P., keep to those more sophisticated recipes, such as the cocktail with brandy or B&B, which won’t overwhelm the newer version.

Cocktail Recipes

Hennessy V.S, as well as Black, is not only for traditional recipes. They work equally well, if not more so, in contemporary cocktails. They’re an excellent partner for unique flavor combinations and extremely versatile for any season and event.

  • Jack-o-Lantern Cocktail
  • Ginger Tea
  • Hennessy Hot Cocoa
  • Apricot sunray


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