Secrets To Long Lasting Healthy Love

According to relationship experts, there are many secrets to long lasting healthy love and relationship, but there’s this common ones that you need to obtain first and watch the goodies manifests on its own.

Sometimes, what we are looking for in a relationship may be something that you can do freely from your heart and the wonderful taste will automatically appear in your relationship. 


Below are the sure secrets to a Long-Lasting, Healthy, Love, according to Relationship Experts:


Secrets To Long Lasting Healthy Love


  • Developing a deep commitment.

Developing a deep commitment with your partner involves everything. Your time, care, concern, attention and communication. 

You have to show your partner full concern and care.  This should not be the normal and neutral concern that you give to everyone, but it should be more deep with lots of affections and also make it real.

Again, communication is one of the biggest source of a long lasting relationship. So this time, you are supposed to strengthen it and make it deep. Revive your partner’s mind with constant communication and do not make it excessive, as a kind of disturbance, know when to hold back and when to continue so as to balance everything.

Secrets To Long Lasting Healthy Love

  • Go on date together.

Yes. Go on date together. Not because you two are partners now, you then reluctantly forget that it is very necessary to renew the spark in that relationship.

Fix a date, go on a date with her, refresh her mind and keep the love booming. 

It is not only in a new beginning that you can go out, you can still fix a date and go out together as if the relationship is just starting. Do new things and flex as if it’s your first outing.

If you continue this routine, the relationship will always be new and strong.

  • Swallow your pride.

Pride is one of the greatest thing that kills a relationship.

According to relationship expects, if you want your relationship to last long in love and in good health, learn how to swallow your pride. 

This includes, accepting your mistakes, apologizing and amending your mistakes. Do not feel too big to apologise. Do not feel too arrogant and rude while speaking with your partner, no matter how much you have offered. 

Understand that too much of expectations is unhealthy. Understand that both parties is equal and must be helpful to each other without any grudges.

Saying sorry when you have done something wrong, and giving your partner some time to relax his or her mind is one of the secret to a lasting relationship.

Saying that you are sorry even when you are right shows a sign a of matured and healthy relationship, and again understanding that your partner who has said sorry even when he or she is right and will continue to be one of a kind, so cherish and appreciate that person.

Secrets To Healthy Love

  • Build your sexual lives.

This also one of the major secret to a long lasting healthy Love according to relationship experts. 

In this case, it is not a must that you and your partner will practice all the sex positions in the world, I mean even without sexual intercourse, you can still build your sexual life’s.

You can achieve this through your manner of speaking towards your partner, the petting words, the romances, the kisses and hugs, the emotional conversation, the advices, the happy moments that both of you spent together without quarrels. All this is a sexual life that you need to build in your relationship.

You may not have sex with your partner often or at all depending on your agreement, but your sexual communication matters a lot, because it strengthens the love and spack in that relationship.

Long Lasting Healthy Love

  • Make use of your own formula.

Every relationship has a formula, as well as every partner has a formula to his or her relationship. So all you need to do,  is to understand the formula to your own relationship and apply it wisely. Do not emulate other people’s formula to apply on your own, because it might not work for you. 

Understand that everybody are not the same, what works for you may not work for another person. 

Take time to understand your partner, know what he or she likes or dislikes, avoid the ones that will bring issues and do the one that matches to your own.

Do not seek for advice from a friend, instead find a way to solve your problem and fix your relationship with your partner. There’s always a moment that both of you can reason calmly together, just fish that moment out and utilize it correctly.

Make your own formula, but make sure the formula is suitable for both parties and accepted by both of you.