Safe Substitutes For People Looking To Stop Using Tobacco

For several decades people have known that cigarettes can cause cancer, heart disease, and other problems like COPD. Unfortunately, the knowledge of how harmful cigarettes can be hasn’t stopped most users from smoking. Smoking isn’t the only way people get their fix though. Some people also chew tobacco to release nicotine from it. It does need to be noted that it is the nicotine that causes addiction to cigarettes. Tobacco itself is not that addictive on its own. Remove nicotine and you wouldn’t have half as much addiction to it.

Safe Substitutes For People Looking To Stop Using Tobacco

If you are somebody who smokes but wants to make a positive change in your life, now’s the time to quit. The sooner you curb your addiction the faster you will be able to improve your health and extend your lifespan. Unfortunately though due to nicotine’s highly addictive nature quitting outright isn’t possible for most people. Quitting is therefore something that should be staggered. Over time, you should gradually reduce the amount of nicotine that you are using.

If you are looking for a safe substitute to tobacco so that you can quit then this post will tell you about some of the best ones:

Safe Substitutes For People Looking To Stop Using Tobacco


E-cigarettes are a type of portable vape device, used predominantly by people who’re intent on quitting ordinary cigarettes. The average e-cigarette costs significantly less than a pack of cigarettes or a vape. The primary reason why they are so affordable is that they are quite simple devices and relatively straightforward to operate. Most e-cigarettes are disposable which means that once you have used yours up, you need to buy more. It should be noted that while e-liquids are a vital part of any e-cigarette you get a lot more choice as far as flavour is concerned with them than you do with vapes. With vapes, you get thousands of different flavours ranging from strawberry to mango and even chocolate.

One of the very best things about e-cigarettes is that you don’t necessarily have to buy them yourself. Depending on where you live you could get them for free from a smoking cessation clinic. All over the nation clinics are setting themselves up with a view to helping people curb their tobacco addictions once and for all. You can of course buy your own if you want to though. Buying your own gives you more choices and allows you to buy a better device. Free ones are usually the most basic versions there are.

Safe Substitutes For People Looking To Stop Using Tobacco

Vape Devices

Vape devices are very similar to e-cigarettes although more often than not they have a lot more to offer in the way of flavours and ingredients. For example, e-cigarettes that contain caffeine are unheard of. You can find endless amounts of vape capsules that contain the plant online though. Vaping is seen as a lot more colourful and trendy than using e-cigarettes. This again goes back to the fact that e-cigarettes are predominantly used for quitting tobacco once and for all whereas vaping is more of a recreational activity and hobby.

If you intend on vaping then you need to do your research and find a capsule and pod that suits your needs and interests. If using caffeine pods appeals to you then you will want to conduct a little bit of research prior to purchase so you can ensure it is legal for you to do so. In some states, the use of caffeine can be a good way of energising yourself and avoiding nicotine.

Safe Substitutes For People Looking To Stop Using Tobacco

Nicotine Patches

As mentioned earlier on in this post, tobacco itself is not addictive. It is the nicotine content that makes it so. Therefore if you are a habitual smoker it is very likely you have a nicotine addiction. If you want to quit smoking then consider going to a smoking cessation clinic and picking up some nicotine patches. Nicotine patches are usually given to people for free to help them quit smoking. Unlike e-cigarettes and vapes which are seen as trendy and cool, nicotine patches are purely made for individuals intent on quitting, with no frills.

Quitting with the help of nicotine patches can be very difficult as many people who’re addicted to cigarettes are also addicted to the motions of smoking, i.e., lighting up, inhaling, and blowing smoke out. Nicotine patches do not give you the opportunity to mimic smoking whereas e-cigarettes and vape devices do. Picking up some nicotine patches could be a good way for you to curb your addiction if you are able to withstand not being able to actually go through the actions of smoking. Some people find that buying herbal cigarettes is a good way to quit in combination with nicotine patches as they get their nicotine fix while simultaneously smoking.

Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gum is one of the best ways to quit smoking. It is popular mainly because it allows smokers and former smokers to get their fixes and satisfy their cravings without needing to smoke. Gum is also widely available which makes it a perfect option for people who live in remote areas. Bear in mind that like patches, the gum is regularly distributed to smokers for free. If you do intend on picking it up then shop around and try and find one that’s right for you in both flavour and strength. Some gums are stronger than others and not as tasty.

Nasal Sprays

Out of all of the suggestions made here, nasal sprays are the least known and most unpopular. While they are unpopular, that’s not to say that they don’t hold an immense amount of promise. As with patches and gums, if your only mission is to quit smoking then nasal sprays are definitely worth looking into. Picking some up will help you to quit smoking and overcome your cravings for nicotine. Do remember that they can be quite strong so adjust your dose accordingly.

Smoking can be extremely dangerous. Continued use of cigarettes can (and usually does) cause adverse health issues. Individuals who are suffering from an addiction to them should consider looking into the alternatives suggested here. All of them are widely available and regularly recommended by doctors as good ways of quitting cigarettes for good.