Christian with Social Media

Right here’s a way to Be a better Christian with Social Media

Right here’s a way to Be a better Christian with Social Media

  1. BE aware of THE issues: #1: the problem OF privateness

There are, indeed, main issues with huge tech that have brought about a few people deciding it is time to pull the plug. Privateness issues have prompted some to abandon social media when they recognize just how an awful lot of facts large tech companies use to monetize their interest. Others come to be jaded by way of the fake intimacy that social media offers because it creates the advent of relationships without the substance. Nonetheless, others feel the burnout that includes social media addictions that cause them to scroll mindlessly thru their feeds any time there is not anything to do (and, regularly after they need to be doing something else). “ Christian with Social Media” “Right here’s a way to Be a better Christian with Social Media”

  1. Trouble #2: SOCIAL MEDIA CAN bring OUT THE WORST IN US (via SEEING THE excellent OF OTHERS)

Social media, furthermore, frequently fosters our worst shortcomings as fallen people. While humans Instagram a collection shot from an occasion we couldn’t make, have been seized by a fear of lacking out. When a fellow Christian humble brag about a current success (“So blessed to peer this extremely good thing God did that I need to subtly take credit score for”), we’re gripped through jealousy and envy. While a person from an opposing tribe says something we disagree with, a never-finishing supply of snark bubbles up from the recesses of our sinful hearts as we race to decide the most reducing way to point out their hypocrisy.

  1. Problem #3: SOCIAL MEDIA may be A DISTRACTION.

Worst of all, social media can be a distraction from the maximum treasured matters in existence. It’s a obstacle while a dad scrolls in a single hand at the same time as pushing his toddler’s swing inside the different; whilst a married couple with young youngsters, in the end, escapes on a date night only to swap time showing Instagram pictures to each other, even as shooting the best selfie to put up afterwards; whilst the pull of the modern day updates on the sparkling rectangle in your nightstand method you pick Twitter over devotional time with the Lord within the morning, all over again.

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Permits are sincere—we’re all guilty of factors just like this.

“Right here’s a way to Be a better Christian with Social Media”

  1. The real trouble virtually isn’t SOCIAL MEDIA.

However, the problem isn’t social media. The trouble is you and me. We will blame generation for our shortcomings while we’ve Genesis 3 hearts in a Romans 1 virtual global. Social media has weaponized the way devil battles for our souls. It incubates, accelerates, and magnifies our appetites in ways that are deeply misleading.

Social media well-known shows root troubles about our hearts. In a feel, we are what we tweet. From the outflow of the coronary heart, a man Instagrams. Social media can result in the great in our hearts as we have a good time what God is doing around the world. However, it could additionally display envy, pettiness, snark, and uncrucified quantities. Moreover, what we consistently divulge ourselves to online will have a shaping effect on our hearts. The danger for all people is to control our virtual engagement without digging into the deeper issues of the heart which can be the actual trouble.

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA reveals ROOT issues approximately OUR TIME.

If we spend one hour an afternoon on social media, we are able to spend over two weeks of our 12 months consuming digital content material. Is that the satisfactory stewardship of our time? Should we be doing greater productive things as an alternative? Those are essential questions, however, the more fundamental problem is: How does our social media use in shape into the decision to make disciples? The hazard for all of us is to limit our digital intake without digging into the deeper issues of our time and how we use it to make disciples.

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“Right here’s a way to Be a better Christian with Social Media”

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA famous ROOT troubles approximately OUR motives.

If we are being sincere approximately our reasons, social media is greater approximately private brand control for a lot of us. It’s how we shape the manner people understand us. We decrease the truth to maximize likes. We’re tempted to manage our image on the value of our integrity. The risk is that we modify our digital engagement without digging into the deeper troubles of what it exhibits about our reasons and priorities.

Many people consume social media like we eat meals. We begin with proper intentions, get undisciplined over the years due to the fact we are able to resist the enchantment, then we turn out to be ashamed at these styles and move on a crash weight loss plan to try to correct the problem and get again to ordinary. That’s now not a successful technique to weight-reduction plan, so why could we assume so one can paintings in terms of social media?


So, how can we use social media without forfeiting our souls? There are three ways we are able to have interaction with any shape of generation, along with social media.

We can be slaves. Slaves to social media embrace it indiscriminately, without a subject for the way it shapes our individual or the way it connects to making disciples. That’s not the manner of information.

We may be solitaires. Solitaires abandon social media completely, without challenge for what desirable elements we may also pass over out on. That’s no longer the manner of possibility.

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We can be stewards. This is the way of wisdom and possibility. Stewards of social media understand both the rewards and dangers—the obligations and the dangers—of digital consumption in a fallen world. Even as regularly analyzing our hearts, we preserve the gospel at the vanguard of our minds as we engage the digital international.

So, what are some sensible pointers for a way to use social media without forfeiting our souls? Right here are some keys:

“Right here’s a way to Be a better Christian with Social Media”

  1. Make contributions TO THE digital network.

The first-rate thing you may do is have a clean photograph of what your “lane” is in social media. Then, locate intentional methods to feature fee to the virtual network in that space. Don’t just be there to consume; make contributions. A few inquiries to suppose through are: For what do I see a need? What are my capabilities, abilities, and passions? How can I use these to inspire/assignment/encourage human beings online?

  1. CURATE YOUR intake.

Each to a few months, I do a radical review of who and what I comply with on social media and prune it relentlessly. I haven’t been on facebook for years, and my Instagram account is inactive. As an alternative, I have selected Twitter as my number one platform, in component due to the fact I’m able to use lists to sort and select who and what I see. The secret’s for you, now not an algorithm, to govern what you consume.

Colossians 2:23 warns us about procedures which have “the advent of expertise” in addressing an issue but which can be “of no price in preventing the indulgences of the flesh.” Too often, we can overreact to troubling developments in our social media use with solutions that have the appearance of knowledge but are of no fee in addressing our root problems.

“Right here’s a way to Be a better Christian with Social Media”

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