Why do men cheat on a pregnant woman

When a woman is pregnant

Honestly the truth is that any man who cheats on you when you are pregnant is a wicked man and that also show that the man has been cheating on you since the beginning even before you become pregnant, because that you are pregnant don’t mean that he will cheat on you and for me to answer your question why do men cheat on a pregnant woman, the answer is according to some men I question, the reason they gave me was.

He will not enjoy sex

By this he mean is that when a woman is pregnant that he will not be able to enjoy sex with her just as the way he use to do and he can’t be able to endure and wait for those months, so that the woman will be strong again for them to continue having sex and due to that he look for where to satisfy his self during that time of her wife pregnancy. To me is a stupid reason for him to give as an excuse for cheating on her pregnant wife because a man is the one who got a woman pregnant, and that mean that they are into that together, so please if you are a man don’t cheat on your wife especially during her pregnancy, instead use that time to show her the best love and care, for during that time is when your woman need you most to encourage her and give her more strength to carry your baby.

The woman can’t monitor him

A man give me this as a reason why he love to cheat on his wife, when she is pregnant, he said that during that time of her pregnancy she won’t be able to be strong to monitor or think on what he do, so that is why he take it as a best time to cheat on his wife. This is not good of you as a man because if you are now taking that time as an advantage of cheating on your wife, have you forgetting that she carries your baby, what if something bad now happen due to you are not around, how will your heart feel?

Nagging and disturbing

Yes I agree that women nag a lot during pregnancy but remember that is due to the kicks and disturbance of the baby she is carrying in her womb. Remember that the baby she is carrying is also your baby, try to endure and make her feel strong and happy than leaving her all alone and going out with another woman due to her nagging.

Please women don bother or kill yourself why do men cheat on the pregnant woman for it is not your fault,because some men even beat their wife when she is pregnant and most of them don’t know what they are doing so please leave any marriage that don’t favor you

I was arguing with a friend long time ago when he was saying that he beats his wife. And also beat her when she is pregnant. I was surprise when I heard this and ask myself, Why did he beat his wife? And why must he beat her when she is pregnant? So there is a special way to beat a woman when she is pregnant? These and many other questions are going through my mind every day when I remember that argument, so I decided to write about it for us all to talk about it, I know that many questions too is going through your mind too, well let us talk about it.

Now let look at it this way, what kind of man will dare lay his finger on a woman to beat her talk more of pregnant woman? When I asked him that question during that time we were arguing, he was saying that women act stupid at times and many other reasons he was giving me, but when I look at his reasons I laugh and call him a fool because all these reasons are not enough for man to use and beat his woman, in fact there is no reason enough for you as a man to beat your woman. There are many ways to cushion or treat her, when she do something wrong to you or treat you bad, which are very far better than beating her.

Now another question I ask him was this how then did you beat her?  When I asked him this, he was busy saying flog her on her legs, flog her on her hand and many other rubbish he was saying which I can’t even think of saying not to talk of saying it. Why on earth will you flog her when she is carrying a child in her, do you think that she is not in pains already due to that child, what are you even thinking as a man that will dare to lay your finger on your woman, do you know how many men out there she turned down every day just to be with you. Why will you try to lay your hand on her after all these she went through just to be with you or has she done bad thing loving you.

pregnant woman

A man’s duty is to protect his wife and not to beat her, when she is pregnant, you are expected to make her happy, adore her, encourage her to be strong, make her feel safe and not hurting, beating and making her cry always as if it is a mistake loving you or been with you is a crime. No matter what a woman do she deserve to be loved and show concern and not hate, if you are among those that hurt your woman or beat her please stop and change and try  to make her happy because she deserve to be happy no matter what she do, in my next article I will tell you things to do when she hurt you or do something you don’t like, because there are many ways to treat her or to behave when she do something wrong to you that will make her understand and love you more than beating her.

Take your time now to love her and treat her well especially when she is with a child , bear in mind that she will not be strong as she use to be when she is not with a child in her womb and try to help her do some things or work at home, remember that women nag in some issues, so expect her to nag more now that is carrying a baby and understand that she don’t purposely do that and never complain or try to argue with her on that, I have come to understand that when a woman is carrying a baby in her womb that most of the things she do is out of the kicks and disturbance of a baby in her womb and if you don’t try to understand it you may end up hurting her or doing something to her that you will regret, so learn now to tolerate her more now that she is pregnant

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Save Your Marriage

Save Your Marriage

Before I decide to write this I have got so many questions people ask me about their marriage and I decide to write the summary to help answer some questions people ask but before we head straight to what this topic is saying, let look at marriage meaning and start from there for us to understand this well.

Now marriage can be define as the legal union between a man and a woman to become husband and wife or an agreement between a man and a woman to become husband and wife. Now let get something straight from this, it says that is an agreement between two people, which is a man and a woman, there is never a time it is said to be an agreement between a person.

So if the agreement is between two people the question is this” what then is needed for this two people to be happy and enjoy the union they agree to be in together?” when you ask yourself this question there is only two answers that you will have in mind which covers all others, which is “understanding” and “love”. This are the two things that is needed for marriage to work out which are the things needed from any couple in the world to know and do, for them to save their marriage, let take a look at these two things individually.

First let look out understanding, any marriage that lacks understanding can never be strong because marriage neither succeeds by chance nor by accident. It is you as an individual who needs to make conscious and deliberate effort, if you want to save your marriage because a successful marriage will be made only from your hand work and understanding that you have on your spouse. For you to be able to save your marriage you need to get better in all both in your attitude, words, thought and actions toward your spouse. Many people put their business and career in front, such thing is never good because you need to understand that your marriage requires time and attention for you both to be a happy family remember you can never get a time spent back again, what you only have is the memories on anything you did in your marriage.

So try as much as you can to have time for your marriage or your family because the good memories you keep now is what you will have and not the time spent. Try to always think on how to make your marriage better and stop been carried away by your business, career, or your riches because if you have happiness in your family and work together with your spouse you will progress more better than when you do it alone. Don’t allow the society, expectations and your pursuit to carry you away because at the end, all these will leave you with so much problems which can affect your  personality and marriage, which will cause you sorrow and unhappy. Remember that with understanding you can be able to put head together and make your marriage work, it can never stand with only one person effort, so don’t expect your partner t be the only one working to save your marriage because the agreement was not made by one person but between two people and if is only one person that is trying to make it work then bear in mind that such marriage will find it hard to stand.


So try to agree on a conduct or principle that will be as a rule that govern and guard you both in whatever you are doing. So in other for you to save your marriage you need to set a certain rules and agree with it as one to help you to archive your goals and expectations in marriage

Now let look at love because it is the main engine needed in  marriage for it to work, any marriage that lack love I daunt if such marriage can exist because if you love your spouse you will do anything for the person, you will understand hi s or her action, you will be there for them when they need you, you will try your best to make him or her happy you will endure all the mistakes and actions he or she did to you, you will trust him or her in all. Now when all this is gone don’t expect them to build or fix back again, know that is now your duty to fix it back in your marriage. It is your duty to fight for things that your marriage lack and bring them back just like it was before.

If you are man try to tolerate your wife, try to love her, try to find something that attract you always to her, try to show her that you care, try to call her that pet names you always call her before marriage and when your marriage was still fresh, don’t think because it has been long you knew her and due to that she will not to be attractive any more to you because marriage should always be refresh for you not to get tired it.

For you woman, remember you are the woman of the house, so try to always make yourself attractive to your husband because if you stop it, know that other women out there may help you do that for you, don’t think because you are married that you will stop taking care of your body, remember that you are taking care of that body before you meet him, so why trying to stop now. Do that thing you know that make him happy, cook that food you know he love eating and always try to entertain him to make him not to be staying away from home.

You both should remember that you people are not same opinion, experience, family, thought or neither do you attend the same school or have the same friends, so due to that try to always understand and love each other the way he or she is and find your spouse to be the best and valuable person in your life. Finally always remember that nobody choose your spouse for you but you did and accept to live with him or her, so try then to love, understand and make him or her happy.

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What is her crime

What is her crime?

Sometimes I ask myself this question “what is the crime of a woman in this world?” We should try to understand that women are special and have right as man because I can’t see the reason why they are been treated in such way with so much disregard and disrespectful, although am not a woman but at times I feel for them because of the suffering they always go through and how they are been treated, at times it get me angry that they are been treated in such manner as if they are slave or have no value.

Why is it that husband due cheat on their wife and their wife will tolerate, and will be ask to endure that they are woman due to that they should bear and tolerate whatever the man do, but when a woman cheats on her husband, she will be called all sort of names and will been seen as stupid or as an irresponsible person, sometimes will be sent packing out of their husband’s house, all because she is a woman, when I sit alone I always ask myself this question does it mean that “Men has the right to cheat?” or “is the law not applicable to them?” the only answer I will get is that she is a woman, so due to that she has no right again to be heard? or is she not a human? Or is been a woman makes her to be above temptation? But if you look at it by a normal sense you will agree with me that she is a human too and also has the right as man.

Why is it that after going through all the stages of all nine(9) months of pregnancy and pains they pass through during child delivery they will still be seen as if they had done nothing in marriage or upbringing of a child in the family all because the man only provide money forgetting that without a woman, the house would have been scattered, the child will lack good home bringing in the house and the family will also lack happiness. All these work she will do for the house and she will still be taken as if she had done nothing or had no contribution in the family and in all these they will still endure and bear all these pains and humiliation from a man all because they are woman.


A man will make money during his youth life and will have great respect and regard and will be called a hardworking and successful man with all the good names you can ever think of in this world but when a woman makes money on her youth time she will be called all sort of name, she will be mocked and will be said to be lover of money and desperate woman all because she is a woman. When I see issues like this I ask myself “is it a crime for a woman to make money” or is money only made for men” but the only answer I always get is this, “she is a woman”. Even when she will be alone without working or doing any business she will be seen as a lazy and prostitute woman. Nothing a woman will be done in this world without having something to be blamed for yet they still bear it and always try to care, love and respect their man with their whole heart.

A single man will be seen as nothing and will be taken that he is still struggling and working hard to make money for his future family but when you will see a woman who is also struggling to make it, she will be called names and will be tagged as a fool or confuse person, all because she is a woman that is why she has to be treated that way

A family will have only daughters in the family and still will be taken as if they had no child, this is mostly seen in Africa due to their tradition, I always ask myself “is a daughter not a child?” “maybe she  is not a human being? “ or “is there no woman out there who is far more better than man” why then will women be hated so much in such tradition, some do say is better not to have any child than to have a daughter, I still look and meditate always on such tradition, because all these suffering is much for a woman to bear because I don’t see been a woman as a crime.

Why is Women been denied education, this also happen mostly in Africa where some parents will say is better to train a boy to school than training a girl. Why did they have to do so? What is the crime?  Or is it a bad thing been a woman? Women really need to be taken good care of, they really need to have right and value because a woman can be more successful and have more value in society, so please why punishing them when they do nothing.

A man’s wife will die and six(6) months after the burial he will look for new wife and he will be congratulated and praise so well, some will say he is a real man he tried a lot by moving on with his life forgetting his past but in women case the reverse is the case, no matter how long, months or years she waited before getting marry or move on, she  will be called a sort of names and will be even suspected as the person that kill her husband, some may said she killed her husband just to be with another man forgetting than once a woman love a man she will do anything within her power to protect ,care and love him. All this will be forgotten easily just because she is a woman. “Does is mean that is only a man who has to move on?” or does it mean that is only a man who made this promise till death do them apart? So a woman don’t make that promise too?” or “does it mean the woman has to always remain a wife to a man weather life or dead”.

A man will be in marriage and still look for another woman to marry may be because the woman has not taken in or give him a child yet but still the woman will always endure all both the insult from all the man’s family. Why is it so, is been woman really that big crime? Or is she the God that gives child, why so much pain for a woman? Why so much suffering for a woman?

The way you made your home that way it will be, I don’t know what you think of a woman but to me women are home builders especially when you made them feel important, remember from the beginning you where dating her till you marry her, she got pregnant you both where happy, but since the day God bless her womb with baby, you will notice her body will start going through vigorous changes, try to adore her because when you will be out there as a man with your friends, she is there at home feeling sick. Spitting and vomiting, while you complain about her getting lazy, her baby was busy creating room inside her, then you will watch how her favorite food became her enemy, as she started to order for oddly meals, she change her diet and started to add weight,  is this suffering not enough for them already. She will lost her shape because of the child in her womb, she also lost part of her beauty as the stomach started coming out, her cloths became small as her belly grows bigger, she got worried about the stretch marks, she complain and goes through pain each time the baby kicked and move inside her womb.

She will be in labor, sacrificing her life just to save the baby, fighting for her life and the baby and after all these stress she gave birth to a child who will became a man tomorrow and will foolishly lay his hands on a woman to beat her, or you open your mouth to say that women don’t deserve to have respect. If she don’t deserve to have a respect is it you as man that deserve the respect when she as a woman will carries the cross of what you both did. Take your time and ask your mother or think on the pains the woman who give birth to you pass through and understand the pains women are passing through in this life which you as a man can never do.

A woman deserve love, care, concern, cherish and to be respected because the world can’t be what it is today without them who is there to always advice and direct a man, even from the begging when a man is born he is been directed and listen to advice of a woman he called mother till the day he got married and also continue listening to the advice of a woman who is now called his wife and partner. So let us all appreciate women and not making them feel like is a crime to be a woman, when is never a crime.


I challenge you as a Lady reading this to try to share this out as you can for the world to here it and know the important of woman hood and also comment your mind too.


The things we do for love

things we do for love

What love can really make you do or the things we do for love

At times it looks like charms or magic, because if you see  a person who truly fall for someone, you will at times push to ask him or her what wrong or you wonder if he or she is been control with charms or something else. The truth is that he or she find the person as the one who his or her beat for, at times there is something about the person you love which you can never find in another person yet and there is also many reason why one fall in love.  But today we are here to look at what love can make you do and this are some things I feel that it will make one do, but you can add yours in comment too.“things we do for love”

how to know if you’re in love or how do you know if you love someone

  1. Smile.When you see someone who saw that person his or her beat for, you will notice some smiles on their face. Sometimes I ask myself why is it so does it mean that the person looks somehow funny or what, or does it mean that smiles come out because of temporary madness or anything but the truth of all is that out of love and feelings the person have for his or her lover and because he or she cannot control his or her feelings at that particular time, and due to that they can’t help but to smile when the person comes toward them.
  2. Happy.When you see that special one who you care for, you will always be happy staying with him or her. At times you feel not to let them go, like me whenever am with my woman I always find special happiness in me, I believe is the same to you too unless you don’t really care for the person but if you truly do you will always be happy with the person and they are the things we do for love.
  3. Cry.This one happen mostly when the person you love don’t love you back or when they left you either for one thing or the other, then you may cry out of broken heart or feeling that you have been hurt so badly.
  4. Change character or attitude. Someone can change his character just to be with someone or to make the person happy especially when you find out that he or she don’t like such lifestyle of yours, so in other to please him or her you change your character or adjust it to fit in the way he or she want.
  5. Thinking.A person who has fallen for someone always think of him or her at times the person may think he or she is stupid, well maybe you are but they truth is that your heart has fallen for him or her.
  6. Laugh.At times you laugh on anything the person do whether is funny or not you always laugh because anything he or she do will look funny to you but on the other hand it is not funny to others.
  7. Change your life policy. Sometimes it can make you break some policy, rules or do things you don’t love doing or that you don’t want to do at all,  but you find yourself doing it out of the feelings you have for someone. “things we do for love”


There are so many things love can make you do but this are just the few I know so you can help tell me more in the comment box for others to know about it too.


how to know if you’re in love

how to know if you’re in love

If you think you are in love with someone or that you don’t know, well you will find out from it through this post, you will know if you are falling for someone, and also try to make sure you share this post out to for others to know when they are also falling for someone, may be that can help them know how to go about with their life, so why not do them this favor by sharing it with them too, this are few things you can check on yourself.


how to tell if you are in love with someone or how to know if you are in love with someone

  1. Thinking about the person. Whenever you find out that you always thinking of someone always or that you always can’t do anything without having a thought of the person or remembering them always. This is one of the sign that tell you that you have fallen for him or her.
  2. Lost words. When you always find yourself lost of words whenever you see someone or feel as if you are a bit confuse try to understand then that you have fallen in love.
  3. Playing in your mind. When you feel that he or she is playing in your minds. This also a sign to know that you have fallen for the person and is better for you to accept it and stop pretending or deceiving yourself.
  4. Board. You will always feel board when you are with your opposite sex that is not the person you love is around you, you will see that nothing they do that will please you, because your heart has already started beating for someone else.
  5. Close your Eyes. Try at times and close your eyes to know if you will have a picture of them in your mind when you close your eyes and if you do know that you have fallen for the person.
  6. Always try to see the person. because you have fallen in love with the person you always try anything possible to meet them or see them because you can’t help or stay without seeing his or her face.
  7. Jealous.You will always feel jealous seeing anybody with her or whenever someone come close to him or her.


So my conclusion on this how to know if you’re in love is this, you should always try to tell yourself the truth whenever you find yourself in any of this actions. If you also have more to add always try to do so on the comment box below for others to also know about it.

how your youth life can be the cause of your marriage problems

How your youth life can be the cause of your marriage problems

Some marriages that are broken today don’t just happen but some due to the characters or the kind of life the live when they are still in their youth, which causes them the problems they are facing today in their marriage. You may be asking yourself this question “ How can my youth life be the cause of my problem?” well let look at these two problems that some marriages are facing today.youth

  1. Infertility or barrenness. This is one of the major problems that some marriages are facing today, you can bear me witness that most of the broken marriages today is caused by lack of child, but before rushing to blame your partner ask yourself this question “ is there anything I do wrong during my youth state”.
  • For men. Some men will say the doctor confirm that am okay and my wife is okay too but why can’t we have is like I will try a new woman. At this time is not all about what the doctor said is all about you telling yourself the truth spiritually. How can you expect to have a child when all you do during your youth life is to pregnant and deny a lady of been the one responsible of her pregnancy knowing fully when is you. How can you also expect to have a child after spending most of your life in hotel sleeping with different girls, receiving different causes and spirit. So you see is not all about going to hospital or what the doctor but this time is all about looking for how to spiritually clean yourself and ask for forgiveness of sins of the past for you to be free.
  • For women. Some women have done so many abortions and have taken so many drugs that will make them not to get pregnant for a while or remove their pregnant and later you expect miracle to happen, so my advice for you is this, better look for how to spiritually clean yourself too and also ask for the forgiveness of the past.
  1. Make sure you are with the right person. Most people just rush into marriage without asking or even bother to know if the person is truly made for them. Some go into marriage due to advice or recommendation the get from their friends who may not even come a good family. How can you expect to have a happy marriage when you are not been properly directed. The only thing they may be bothered to look may be their blood group and the love the have for each other at that time without thinking of future what it may cause them. let say that marriage is like a person who want to wear a shoe and wear someone one instead of his own, the person will only be comfortable if the shoe is the same size with his or her own this same is marriage, you cannot be happy or relax if you marry to the wrong person.


If you are still a youth please know that ;you need to be very careful in what you are doing because any mistake you do now may affect you tomorrow but if you have made the mistake already try to advice others not to make the same mistake.

Please remember to share and comment what you also think is helpful or any question, we will give you a solution.

How pornography can destroy your life or relationship

How pornography can destroy your life or relationship

Pornography  can said to be any form of thing design to cause any forms of excitement. It can also be said as the portrayal of erotic behavior designed to cause sexual excitement. It is words, acts, or representations that are calculated to stimulate sex feelings.  Independent of the presence of another loved and chosen human being.

Pornography is one-sided, self satisfying relationship built on lust and immediate gratification. It devalues and damages the true meaning of sex. There is no way it will provide the relational skills and understanding that you need for relating to someone. Or for a life with your future partner.

Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry that like drugs, thieves on “addiction”. And has no concern for your well being. They only care about getting you hooked on their products. Bringing you down to their gutter level of morality and then persuading you to call it normal. So let now talk on how porn can cause damage to your brain and the solution to it.relationship pornography porn

Causes of pornography to brain and life in general.

Seeing opposite sex as a sex object.

Due to all the videos and pictures both the books that you have read about it. You will have no good thought in your mind when you see your opposite sex. Instead you will be seeing the person as sex object. Because you have filled your mind and brain with all the rubbish that you have been watching. And that will makes it difficult for you to communicate or relate with your opposite sex. Due to they  now looks like a sex object to you. So why killing your mind with such act that contribute nothing to your life than to destroy your life for you.

       1. It makes you feel guilty or secretive

Due to influence of porn in your life. It will now make you to feel guilty or secretive. Because you are watching pornography you always want to be alone. Or always stay in a hideout for you to feel relax because you know that is not good for someone to see you in such act. Since you know all this and also agree with me that most of the things that are down secretly has only bad influence in human life. Why then are you still watching it.

       2. You will never be satisfy

No matter what your partner do you will never be satisfy with your sexual life. Because your brain is filled up with lots of pornography videos. With the eager to also try out new styles and things you see there. Because your brain and mind will feel that it only those ways will be the best ways to satisfy you sexual life.

      3. Living with memories that can scatter your relationship

Due to the bad memories of all the porn videos, pictures and books you read. You now expect your partner to act as that drug man or woman that you watch on the video. And if they can’t act such your useless ambitions thinking. You became sad and angry because they cant meet up with your sex expectations.

      4. Making you partner uncomfortable or afraid

Due to lack of not satisfying you the way you want. Your partner will always be afraid or uncomfortable with you especially when it comes to sex time. Because they know that they cant satisfy you they always try to avoid talking about it or doing it.

       5. Drug addict

Due to the things you have seen, read or had about sex, you may end up becoming a drug addict in other for you to meet up with the things you saw them doing and that way you have started the journey of damaging your life.

       6. Sex addict 

Well this side is a major problem that porn causes in ones life due to the habit which it have form in you life.  You always have the memories fill in your heart or brain. Which can end up seducing at times, which is not good.


Solutions that can help you are

  1. Be Yourself

You need to always try to be yourself, and make a strong decision to stop it and stand by it and not just saying it and tomorrow you end up doing it.

       2. Don’t be idle

Always try to have something keeping you busy or entertaining you at a particular time because it is said “ an idle mind is a devil workshop” now take it like this “ an idle man is a erotica fan” it will always be in your mind and always try not to be idle to avoid been erotica fan.

        3. Avoid internet when you are alone

Try to always avoid the internet when you are alone because erotica will always come to your mind to enter the web, and you may not resist it when the temptation comes so try all your best never to access internet alone.

         4. Avoid things that makes you remember erotica

Always make sure to avoid all sort of things that can make you remember porn , in that case you need to burn or remove porn magazines that is around you, delete porn pictures and videos from your phone and laptop and even the video plate you bought. So that you will always have chances of avoiding pornography at all cost.

          5. Try to always win its temptations

porn may be really very tempting and hard to avoid but you need to always try at your best to resist the temptation in other for you to archive your aim of avoiding it. pornography           6. Explain to your partner

At this time the only person you have now that can easily understand you and always try to help you is your partner. so try talking to your partner because your partner will be the one to help you and fight it for you to be able to secure your relationship or marriage.

          7. Never give excuse

At time when the temptation of porn comes try to always control yourself from giving any excuse that will make you fall for pornography. Because you will find out that if you fall for it, you will always regret it at the end so in other for you not to regret it you need to advice yourself and avoid any excuse.

          8. Try to always take it as serious problem to solve

Always have in mind that is a big problem that you have wish you really need to solve, so that you won’t have any problem in your life and your relationship, having this in mind will help you in a great way of removing yourself from pornography .

          9. Uproot this habit from it root

Since this is a big problem to you try to always cut it off totally than having the stupid idea that you can stop it gradually. Because such act is not what can be stop in a gradual process instead is what you need to cut it all at once and say in a loud voice enough is enough porn!.


Having know what pornography is all about, and the problems involves in it, why can’t you now make a strong decision today to stop it. And apply the above listed solution and end all it problem and leave your happy life and enjoy that beautiful and handsome partner that you have or you will soon have!


Please if you consider this article useful do us a favor and comment below, if you also have questions comment below we will also answer you, Thanks don’t forget to share with your friends.



12 signs to know you are been manipulated by your lover or partner


If you think that you are been manipulated by your lover these are the signs you need to know for you to find out that you are been manipulated.lover

Do you think you are being manipulated ?

Sometimes we manipulate our partner to get things our way. we may at times do it purposely just for fun, we at times do it sneakily and subtly to get something without confronting them. And it is all fun and games for a while, as both partners realize that one of them is being arm-twisted into giving in.

Manipulation is cute the first few times or when is a harmless request from them. Some of the request can go like this, your girlfriend or wife say something like. “am not going to have sex with you tonight if you don be back on time” you can’t help but to smile about it. Or if your boyfriend or husband brings breakfast on bed and ask you if he can go out with the guys on a weekend. You may even laugh about it and accept his request.

Knowing if you Are Been Manipulated

But what if these cute threats turn into something darker or more bitter or agonizing?

Do you think you have the spine to stand and decline something if you think it would go against your principles or wishes?

Do you have the spine to stand your ground and say ‘no’ when you don’t want to do something?

It not easy to reflect within and ask yourself if you are a victim of manipulation in your relationship. But everything starts with self realization. If you can accept the fact that you are a victim of manipulation or emotional abuse, only then can you be able to try to work yourself out of the web manipulation that has been built around in you.

Use this 12 signs and ask yourself if you feels any of this symptoms around you or in your relationship, and if you are doing this things it time to take a stand and believe in yourself for who you are, or you just get work over all the time and there won’t be a thing you can do to stop your partner from using you or manipulating you.

      1. Anxiety

You feel anxious each time they want to ask for a favor. You fear they may ask you something that you can’t do. And yet, you know you can’t deny them their request because your heart always feel that you need to do what will always make your them feel happy with you without you knowing that you are been manipulated.

          2.You hate yourself

You hate yourself for being so weak for accepting the request made. You realize that they are using you or taking advantage of your niceness and generosity, but you are too timid too.

           3. You can’t say no

You can’t say no to them. Just the thought of turning them down or saying no seems like a crazy idea and you feel helpless and week each time you even try to say it. You know the right thing to do is say ‘no’ but you cant bring yourself to say it.partner

        4. Obligation

You believe you are obligated in doing something for them. You constantly feel grateful to them for loving you or being in your life.

       5. You can’t shut up

You just can’t say a simple no’ and shut up.  But you have a deep need to explain yourself and your actions every time, to everyone. And you want your them to understand your mind and your reasons clearly. While your partner on the other hand is always vague or doesn’t justify the things they do.

        6. You justify your actions

You try to reason with yourself and justify that you aren’t being manipulated you will always try to convince yourself that it is you who want to do the favor for them.

        7. You are bad

You will always feel or look at yourself as a bad partner for turning them down no matter what they ask of you.

        8. Are you selfish

You will see yourself as a selfish person for not helping them in their troubles. At times You feel really guilty each time you turn their request down. And you always feel so bad that you can’t even look them in their eyes. Because of all the guilty you are carrying you. It just seems so much easier to just hate yourself and do what they ask of you.

        9. Expectations grow

Your partner always expect more from you. No matter what you do or how much you do. They behave like they are happy and much pleased with your giving ways. But they always ask for more which you will always see yourself struggling to do it for them.

         10. It’s your fault

You blame yourself for not being good to them. And you feel guilty for being idle and relaxed. When you could be doing something to please them or make them happy.

         11. You hate awkward pauses

When they ask you to do something for them. You may be able to muster your courage and say ‘no’ . But as they pause and stare at you for a few seconds. By then you can’t help but still feel your stomach churn. And then you give them another opportunity to use you once more just the way they always do.

         12. You can’t lie

Just because you can’t lie or anyone else that is manipulating you. Even though you know you can never get caught, you can’t tell them that you are too busy or too occupied to do something for them but instead you accept it and always find a way to do it for them to be happy with you?


With these signs listed try to find out what you are to your partner and if they are manipulating you but please always try to make them happy don’t use this as a means to hurt you lover.

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mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

In other to have happy married life there are many mistakes that you do in marriage today is cause by them without them knowing that is the cause of the problem they are currently face now and with this post I decided to list out some of this things to for people to consider it and make sure that they avoid the mistakes which will be discus in this article for them not to fall a victim of this problems for future regret. Now lets look to some of this mistakes

mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life
mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

Being with the person due to wealth or position

Someone who accept a relationship  because of the things the person have or what the person is, instead of accepting them for who they are because the position the person is today might not be the position he will be tomorrow so pls try to understand that is better to love a person for who the person is and accept him because you truly care for the person than accepting because of wealth or position the person have.

Marrying because you are directed by your spiritual leader

Someone who marry because their spiritual leader instruct them to marry the person, bear in mind that if God should peak to your spiritual leader for you to marry someone, God will also need to speak to you because if you think that your spiritual leader advice is the best always remember that it is not your spiritual leader that will be in the marriage so pls be careful and consult two or more people and choose wisely from your heart.relationshipDon’t allow love to deceive you

mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life
mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

this side is too difficult for someonewho think love is everything that matters, pls don’t be deceive by this love quotes “love is blind” or “love covers multitude of sin” no matter how you love the person always try to consider the factors or things that you want in a person, always try to make his inquiry of; the person past and present life for you to avoid making a mistake and don’t always believe that you can change the person because what is you finally cant change the person then it may lead to divorce or anything so try to be careful and consider well.

Don’t enter in  marriage because of fun

someone who enters relationship because of others or friends are all in it or because they are getting marry so be careful of such people because they cant help or contribute anything good in a marriage or even grow your it because they find it as just fun and in kind of let do it that others are doing.

Don’t jump into it when you are not prepared or planed for it

mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life
mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

because is never good for someone without planning is not good because planning is a way guide your steps and decisions and give your life direction, and is good for someone to take decision of things they do because of their future because the decision you take today will affect your life tomorrow because failure comes due to lack of planning so you must plan well before anything.

Marring because you think the person is committed to church

This one is very dangerous so pls try to avoid falling a victim of this one because going to church does not make someone a good person because if that makes someone a good person that means that the devil is also a good person or angel because the devil also go to church so pls try to be careful because me I fear church people more than any other person because they use that church to cover their bad side. Try also to be very careful for those ones that said that God ask them to marry you because God cant visit only one person when there are two people involve in it, so don’t be scared when they said God said but instead try to rebuke them and choose wisely.

Don’t reject someone because you are not in the same church

many people have missed their chances of getting married in life due to the person is not attending their church or is not in the same religion with you and you think the person is not worthy of being with you , my dear you are making a big mistake because you never know if the person is the right partner for you so try to choose wisely before rejecting someone due to their church or religion.

Don’t allow your parents push you

so many marry because they were forced by their parents to marry, it is no good to fall on that because you may end up getting married with the wrong one so don’t be push by your parents words because they are not the one getting marry.

Don’t be deceive by family relationship

so may just do it because they were told by two different families that they will like their parent friendship to continue may be for business or anything not minding if their children’ s faith or happiness so try to avoid being part of that kind of it.

Don’t enter into marriage without asking your medical status

Try to take good not of this because this causes a lot of problems to some people today and why you even think of marrying a person who at the end you all will only be producing children of sickle cell anemia and at the end you will be causing both children and parents into dangerous health crisis that are yet to have solution when you can avoid this in the begging .


With some of this mistakes I point out above I believe that it will help you to choose wisely the kind of person that you will marry to avoid you ending up in a situation that you will regret later so I urge you my dear readers to take note of this and don fall a victim of this problem in future and if you have already fallen in the problem try to correct yourself if there is still time for you or you correct other to avoid making the same mistake thanks


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Effect o Taking Your Job Too Serious than Your Relationship Or Marriage

your job can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationship

Taking Your Job Too Serious can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationshipyour job can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationship


Some people may say how can my work affect my relationship or marriage, or are you trying to say that my Job is not important again, I know you will have too many questions to ask about this topic but before you ask all this question can you please cool down to think on this “IS MY PARTNER HAPPY WITH THE TIME I GIVE HIM/HER” if you can ask yourself this question and be truthful with the answer you gave to yourself, you will be understand that your job is important the same way your marriage is also important because if your partner is happy and also makes you happy you will find greater happiness doing that your business , but when you can’t make your partner happy or bring out time for your partner, how can you then expect your relationship to grow, I have come across so many relationships that was scattered due to this and that is what pushed me to write about this for my readers not to fall the victim of this too. Don’t take your job too serious to avoid your partner cheating on you, because if your relationship or marriage lacks attention or concern from you due to your job then know that you are the one pushing your partner to be cheating on you and if your partner cheats on you blame yourself and your job, and never blame your partner for cheating on you.

your job can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationship


If you finish reading this and still don’t understand that your job can break your family by causing your partner cheating on you then know that you are making a big mistake that you may regret at the end, money is not everything and please don’t allow money to deprive you from your responsibilities in your relationship or marriage

Story 1:

A man named John is married to a woman named Loveth, he loved her wife so much and does not cheat on her but his business never allow him to concentrate on his wife and know when her woman need her because there is always time when a woman always need his man most, he failed to understand that and think that all is about money. One day his wife informed him that her distance cousin is coming to join them and stay in the house he agreed and the guy joined them in staying at his house, one day something happen the guy fall  sick and was taken to hospital and he was tested HIV positive and that was the time the man know that he was not her wife cousin but boyfriend and his wife too has carried the disease which means he himself is also positive of the disease.

your job can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationship

Story 2:

A married woman always come back late at night and move out very early in the morning without taking care of her house duties as a wife leaving all in the hands of a young girl serving them, this continue to happen till one day the husband was drunk and came back at home and his wife is not yet back and the house girl was the one who was there to help him and take him inside and while the girl was taking him to his room, he lose control and sex her, the woman never know till the day she finds out the girl was pregnant and started asking her questions only then she knew that the husband was the one responsible and he never deny it and went ahead and marry the girl.

Story 3

A man was always too busy with his work and forget about the feeling of her beloved fiance who he is living with, some weeks later they got married and then she finds out that her wife was pregnant and he was very happy that he is going to answer a father soon but one day something happen when the DNA test of his wife pregnant comes out he finds out that the DNA does not match with his own only then he finds out that it was his gate man who pregnant his wife when he was too busy with his work.


Now you have seen some stories above about how your job can really cause you a great damage in your relationship, so why not you now then minimize how you take your work serious, and make out time the way that it will not affect your marriage or relationship, how will you feel to see your partner cheating on you and knowing fully well that you are the one who force him or her indirectly to cheat on you, to avoid such issue take time to love, care and always communicate with your partner, always notice when your partner is really in need to be with you and always try to be there with for him or her because there is no one that they will want most that time than you, and if you not there you are breaking your partner heart, because broken heart is not only when you hurt or cheat on your partner but when you are not always there when he or she needs you most you are also breaking his or her heart by not being there when you are needed the most. I urged you my readers not to allow your business to be what will make you lose your partner because if after reading this you still fall a victim, then that is not good of you and if you have already fallen a victim of this before reading this post, try to also  learn from your mistake and never do that again to your partner instead treat the person as if you had no other one for you all to be happy in your relationship.

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The Effect of Cheating On Your Partner

Problems with people who cheat on their partner

cheating partner

At times I wonder why there are so many people who cheat on their lover, after so many promises they made for their partner not to let them go, After telling them that their heart is only made for them, does it means that all this promises you made where just lie that you said just to gain one or two things from the person, how do you feel when you cheat on someone or hurt someone, does that make you happy or do you gain joy doing so. I have come across so many people who are cut cheating on their lover instead of saying sorry or begging  him or her for forgiveness they start giving excuses and reasons that made them to cheat but the truth is this that there is no reason that is enough for you to cheat on your lover.

instead of cheating on your partner why not leave them, what do you gain by hurting that innocent heart that gave you everything, even happiness, why did you cause broken heart to the one who love you, the truth is that i take people who cheat on their partner as a confuse and wicked people, for hurting the heart that do nothing but gave you full love, care, concern and happiness, so please think twice before you hurt that gentle heart that love you.

There is a story I will like to share with you:

There was a man named Charles the husband of a beautiful woman named Stella, this man was dating a woman named Joy before he got married to Stella and Joy also got married to a handsome man named Emmy who loved her so much more than himself, Charles and Joy although they are married with different woman and man, they still love themselves and still cheat at their partners, when Charles wife find out she was hurt badly and out of love cried out to her husband to stop cheating at her and even went further in confronting Joy to leave her husband alone and focus on her on husband but Joy didn’t listen to her follow woman plead and when Emmy her husband finds out he went to a Charles and talked with him man to man for him to understand him and leave his wife for him but instead of Charles to Understand him as his follow man, he shouted at him and send him out of his house, this continue till one day when Joy look that what she is doing is not good and he cant stop it unless he will stop seeing or hearing anything about Charles again so he decided to kill him for her to concentrate on her own marriage.

One day  Joy visited Charles at home when his wife is not at home, as they where laughing and making love, she slowly poison his drink and gave it to him and he drink it as the poison was killing him slowly she left the house but on her greatest surprise she only find a letter on the table in her room written by her husband telling her that she is sorry that she cant bear staying with her when she is still sleeping with another man, so due to that she married another girl who he is current living with now in another town. Some weeks later after the death of Charles , she could not bear the guilty of killing him so she confess to the Police and she was charged by court and was sent to prison.


Cheating on your lover is not good and can never be good because there is nothing good to account for it as a reason that will made you to cheat on your lover, instead of cheating on your lover why don’t you then break up or divorce with him/her with that reason so that the person will know that there is nothing bonding you together any more than secretly cheating and given excuses all the time on one thing or the other, so please my dear reader don’t toil with feelings of any heart that loves you, people who cheat at times end up with the wrong person that will forever hurt them, why don’t you think if you where to be the person how would you feel and more over there is nothing to gain from cheating than pains, hurting your partner and giving yourself high blood pressure, yes what I mean by that is this, you will not be at rest when you are cheating on your lover you will always be in fear of your lover not to find out your evil and wicked act. I have come across some guys who always say that that there is nothing bad for a man to cheat, that is very wrong because no matter who cheat weather a man or woman all is still the same and is very bad to do so, Okay you as a man that say that there is nothing wrong cheating on your lover why not you then stop doing is secretly from your partner and do it openly where people who know you are or where your partner can see you and know that you are cheating on her why then are you hiding from all this when you know that there is nothing wrong for you as a man to cheat at your lover, stop deceiving yourself and stop hurting the heart who love you.