Questions to ask a girl you like

Questions to ask a girl you like
Questions to ask a girl you like
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If you like a girl and you are confused about what you will be asking or telling her whenever you are with her or on-call with her, you don’t need to be confused again for we will be writing on a topic that says “questions to ask a girl you like”. Try to understand every question and the explanation to all and also the reason why you should ask her about that. After going through this article, also try to read how to get a girl to have sex with you to know ways to have her on the bed with you.


Questions to ask a girl you like


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  1. How are you doing?

This one is the number one question which you should always and first ask her so that you can be more concerned and romantic. If you are asking this particular question every time, you are with her or even on phone calls. It’s a question that means a lot to girls, especially your girl which you like. It shows that you care that he loves to know about your well-being.

Questions to ask a girl you like
Questions to ask a girl you like
  1. How is it going over there?

This question is essential, especially when you are not together with her. You check on her through regular phone calls, messages, chats. You should ask how she’s staying anywhere she may be, and if there are any challenges that she is facing, you should guide her in giving her advice or solution or even financial support, depending on how tight and how the issue may be. Do not because she may ask you for money and ignore to ask her important questions.

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  1. How’s your family?

Ask her about her family. Her mother, father and siblings is another essential question. It shows that you are responsible and cares about everything that is connected to her. So do not ignore this important question for it will help to strengthen the love that she has for you and will be reconnecting her together for you.


  1. When are you coming back home?

This question is essential, especially when you know that your girl is somewhere far, from home and not with her family. Asking such question will always make her see that you are there for her.

Questions to ask a girl you like
Questions to ask a girl you like
  1. Have you eaten?

This question is funny, but it’s nice because it shows that you care. Try asking it with much concern and when she said ‘yes’, just to motivate her to get up and find something to eat. And if you are close to her and you are free, Skip some time from yours to bring her food even if it’s just snacks. That attitude alone can go a long way in her.


  1. How’s your health?

It feels so sweet to know that you are checking on her when she tells you that she’s not feeling okay. So regularly check on her till she gets better, especially when you both are not together. If not, you should go to her place and see her.


  1. What are you putting on?

It’s not a question that helps to build up your love for each other. And it is better to be asked when you are in a relationship with that girl, not a girl that you are just trying to Scott. Some girls do not like such question, especially when you are only playing your game to win her heart. But girls love that question when you are already together. “Questions to ask a girl you like.”

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  1. Do you miss me?

Is always a romantic question that helps to reconnect your souls together. Asking her that question will make her feel emotional, and she will calculate all the good times that you have spent together on her mind. She won’t hesitate to answer that question if she truly loves and misses you.


  1. Can we go on a date?

Asking her out is a fair question to start with and giving her the chance to decide is another appropriate thing to do as well. Make her feel that you want to go out with her to spend some time with her.


  1. Where will you prefer we go, baby?

Asking such a question is very helpful for it is kinder to give her the chance to choose a place that she wants. And do not reject where ever she may select. Instead, if you don’t like the area, you can make a kind of suggestions, not rejection, and if she still insists on the first choice. You should go for that as her decision may be.

What can I offer you?
Questions to ask a girl you like
  1. What can I offer you?

If you invite her to your place or you take her out on a date, please do not give her what you feel she will like or what you think will be the best for her. Instead, allow her to choose whatsoever she may want. And be ready to accept her decisions. But if you don’t like what she chooses, you can make a kind of suggesting another thing for her with reasons, but if she persists on the first selection. Do let her be and give her what she requested for. Unless the aim is for the amount that’s in your pocket, do not give what you cannot pay for. Give what you can pay for in case of anything.


  1. Can I hug you?

This question is excellent to ask her, and it will make her realize that you are not into her just to sleep with her, it will make her understand how responsible and respectful you are to her.

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  1. Can you give me your heart?

It’s a romantic question and it not just asked. After all, you want to ask, and it is asked because you genuinely love her and want to love her for good. Asking for her permission to come into her life is essential, and it proves that you are genuinely responsible as a man that just happened to love her. It’s an emotional question that needs to be answered emotionally.

Do you love me?
Questions to ask a girl you like
  1. Do you love me?

It’s a good thing to ask a girl that you like so that you will know if she loves you too. At least to hear it from her, not that you won’t know if she loves you or not through her character, but it is asked just to listen to that from her and for her to understand that you need to know if she can say that she loves in front of you at least.


  1. Hope you won’t leave me?

Not that if she wants to leave you that she can’t do that, but you want to hear it from her. Hearing it from her will make her emotional, and she will think twice before trying to leave you. But not that if she catches you cheating, she won’t leave you if she wants. NO” she can do so that means that you will be careful on how you treat her.


You have seen that there are a lot of questions that you should ask your girl. So be wise when asking and make use of a poetic voice to do that, so that you can get a better response.

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“Questions to ask a girl you like.”

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