Questions To Ask A Girl You Just Met

  1. Are you single?

Asking this will make you know about her status and if she is the type that cares about relationships.


  1. What do you look for in a man?

With this, you will understand her thoughts and the things she wants from her man.

  1. What is the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?

It will help you to understand the things she wished that someone will do for her. “Questions To Ask A Girl You Just Met”


  1. Are you looking for a relationship?

It will help you understand her mind about relationships and if she will like to be in one.


  1. Do you have any best friends?   

    If she is the type that has friends or the kind that loves to be alone, then you will understand it well by asking her this question.


  1. Do you love reading?

This is also an interesting question to ask for you to be able to understand more about her character and things that interest her more.


  1. Are you on any social media?

With this, you can be able to use the opportunity to ask for her number and also to have her close in other to maintain secure communication with her.


How to get a girl you just met to date you

How to get a girl you just met to date you

If you want a girl you met now to date you, there are some things or characters you will display on the first day you met with her to start thinking about you. These characters are what I will quickly tell you for you to have them in mind when you are with a girl you will like to attract towards you as a girlfriend.

  1. Be funny to her; since it’s the first time of you seeing each other try to be funny and do things that will make her smile. But don’t act stupid in doing so. If not, you will turn her off.
  2. Try to understand her, what she wants, or whether she needs a small help you can easily do. But don’t go and spend all your money because you want to help her. You can spend your time but not money.
  3. Be gentle and make her see you as a gentleman.
  4. Do not rush for her number or tell her you to want to be her friend, but try to show her love, care, and concern in any way you can go before anything.

“Questions To Ask A Girl You Just Met”

Mistakes to avoid when you met a girl the first time.

Mistakes to avoid when you met a girl the first time

There are some things that you need to avoid when you met a girl for the first time. If you try as much as you can to prevent them, you will see that you can easily attract girls on the first date.

  1. Avoid being in a rush for her number.
  2. Try to act very funny, friendly, and innocent, when you first met with her.
  3. Avoid bragging. Bragging about yourself and the things you do or have can easily make a girl not to be interested in you again.
  4. Never be in a rush for anything. Act calm and follow her gently.
  5. Mind how you talk to her and don’t say things anyhow. It is better to act like someone who knows nothing much about a woman.


Now you see questions you can ask any girl that you just met because this list above is only the things that you can easily ask someone you met since you just comply with her and have not known much about her. So I believe that with these questions you can easily talk to any lady you meet.

So now tell me the things that you think about the list and if they are what you need. You can also write more on the comment for others, to also learn from it.

“Questions To Ask A Girl You Just Met”

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