Propose To Him If He Can’t Propose To you

Propose To Him If He Can’t Propose To you

Propose or wait but for me, don’t wait for him to propose to you, This is something I want you girls to know because is better you know it now, so that you can know where the problem comes from, sometimes you may be waiting for a guy to propose to you or to tell you his mind about you or about your relationship with him, but the truth is that most guys find it difficult to do so, but that doesn’t mean he don’t love you but just that he is not bold enough to talk to you or he is shy about it and don’t know how to tell you his mind on that. So if you notice your man or the man you love find it hard to do so , don’t just continue to wait for him to propose or tell you his mind, because if you are to wait for him to propose, or wait till he has the boldness and courage to propose to you because if you are to wait, you may die waiting, lose patience or even get tired of waiting, so the best thing or advice I will give to you is to propose to him if he can’t propose to you.


I have seen so many relationship like that and they are even more stronger than many relationship, so it don’t matter weather is the man or the woman that propose but what matters is if there is love between them both, so why give your relationship the stress when you can help him out to say his mind. Some guy find it very hard to friend or propose to a girl even after practicing and given themselves so much courage to do so but still can’t do so. In this kind of relationship or problem don’t wait till he do so because he may not do that wish you want or it may take him a very long time. Some men even find it very difficult to friend to a girl or tell her to be in relationship with him, this type of man may be in love with a girl for so many months or years but still find it hard to hard to express their feelings to the girl, so try to help such man if you love him than waiting for him to propose to you.

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Remember is not a must for a man to propose to a girl neither is it a must for the man to always be the one to friend the girl, so at times try to talk to the man or be the one to propose to him or the one to friend him because he may be carrying your engagement ring in his pocket for few months or even a year now without having the courage to tell you his mind. Some guys do admire a girl or let me say that some men may be in love with a girl for so many years or months without having the courage to tell her, and in this type of situation, don’t wait for him to approach you instead if you as a girl can’t do so, try to then see if you can create a very good chance or opportunity for him to do so and remember at times he may not say his mind but use actions to do so, I can remember that I never use my mouth or words to tell my woman that I love her neither do I tell her to be friend with me, but with my actions she understand and give me more chance to prove myself more or speak my mind more with actions, so try to always listen to the guys action in some situations because doing so will help you a lot

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