Prone Bone | Best Sex Positions For G-Spot Orgasms

It is easy to get the Prone bone position, but it feels incredible!

This angle allows for a more intimate entry for him, which means that both of you feel more sensation.

This is how it works: Have your lover sit in a classic dog-like position and then have him kneel behind you. He will guide his penis towards you. As you lie face down on the floor or bed, your lover should press against you.

Your lover will push you up to the hips, while you push yourself upwards.

Why you’ll Love It:

It’s easy for her to hit both the G-spot and the H-spot for full-body orgasms. The prone bone position is also very comfortable.

Hot hint:

Ladies, you can have a great time by crossing your legs and squeezing your vaginal muscles. This is a great way for guys to feel that tight feeling that drives them crazy!