Prologue Of If Loving You Is Wrong

f loving you is wrong




It all started when Jessica Donald, a beautiful , young, Rich, intelligent, and extraordinary sexy divorcé decided to come back to Nigeria after spending most of her life in Los Angeles California in the united States . After series of unsuccessful marriages, with different rich men of various caibre and carting away with huge percentages of their wealth, she decided that she would find her prince charming in Nigeria

Yes! she did!! She found a rich fashion god ; Jeremiah olaitan , popularly known as Jay

Problem was, he was a married man! With two kids! Even worse, married to her step sister Juliet

However, that didn’t stop Jessica at all, in fact it boosted her moral, she. Was a woman who got anything she wanted and Jay was no exception! She was ready to be the perfect mistress Even if it meant the destruction of Juliet’s marriage and happiness ……………….

Its love , it’s romance , its drama , betrayal, its emotion And many more,

Watch out for another thrilling journey….



by Ijeoma Ebube

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