Power Of Words in a Relationship

Power Of Words in a Relationship

Power Of Words in a Relationship

Have you  heard of  the expression, “WORDS CUTS DEEPER THAN A KNIEF?” that is been used commonly because it is very true. Words have a lot of power within a relationship and you shouldn’t take any words said too lightly. Making sure that you are always speaking to your partner with love and admiration is extremely important to ensure the success of your relationship as well as keeping an emotionally stable relationship afloat. Words can uplift or it can destroy. Always aim to use words that uplift your partner instead of using words that can destroy them.“Power Of Words in a Relationship”


When a woman or man is being physically abused, they can show the bruises to prove it. But when a man or a woman is being verbally abused there are no signs to show.

Words can affect a person drastically. If you’re constantly saying mean things to your significant other it will cause them to feel insecure. They will start to isolate themselves from social situations and they will have a low self-esteem.  


It’s human nature to get frustrated with your spouse. But it’s a really unhealthy thing to start verbally abusing your spouse in public. Be extra careful what you say to your loved one in front of others. Don’t humiliate them by putting them down. You are only devaluing their opinion and showing others that you don’t have respect for them. “Power Of Words in a Relationship”


There are some words that you just can’t take back or erase.

–   Calling your lover evil and dark names that aren’t true is very damaging to not only your relationship, but to your partner’s emotional well-being.

–   Humiliating them in public. Don’t go out of your way to humiliate your partner in front of others. This puts you and them in a really bad light.

–   Constantly teasing them about their physical appearance. Odds are, your partner is self-conscious about certain parts of their body. Once your partner has shown their insecurities to you, and told you about things they don’t feel good about, you should avoid making fun of it.

–       Criticizing. When you are constantly criticizing everything your partner is doing you will break down their character.

Power Of Words in a Relationship
Power Of Words in a Relationship


–   Words of encouragement. Always encourage your partner to be better, to love and to do well in everything that they try.

–   Compliments. You can give your partner an unlimited about of compliments. Whether it’s about their physical appearance or their personality. Always try to compliment them about the beauty within themselves.

–       Praise accomplishments. Whether your partner did something great at work or handled a situation with poise always praises their actions and accomplishments. You will see your partner’s spirit lift up and your relationship grow as a result.

 I strongly believe in mutual respect within a marriage. GoMarry.com encourages healthy relationships. We want our GoMarry.com members to be able to find true love with each other and continue to grow together – happily and healthily. By reading and following my relationship advice, I’m sure that you and your partner will continue to grow in your marriage.

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